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Sep 3, 2008 02:54 PM

Mushroom Soup--Diet Friendly Version???

One of my favorite lunches is the amazing cream of wild mushroom soup at a local place. I can't even imagine how many calories it has...but it is so fantastic. Does anyone know how to make an amazing mushroom soup that isn't ridiculously fattening? Please share!

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  1. Though I've not done this with creamy mushroom soup, one trick is to replace heavy cream with evaporated skim milk. You could always add a small amount of cream for richness without instant artery blockage. It probably won't taste exactly the same, but then again, you're reducing a lot of the saturated fat.

    1. I usually start by sauteeing onions in olive oil, then add garlic, then add a mix of mostly crimini/some white button mushrooms. Meanwhile, I soak some good quality wild mushrooms in boiling water. When the stuff in the pan is done, I blend it with the soaked wild mushrooms, and just enough of the soaking liquid to get everything moving. I blend till it's smooth and add liquid till it's just a touch thicker than I like, and then add a swirl of half and half. The mushrooms have enough body that you don't really feel cheated...I usually top it off with fresh thyme and a Parmesan crisp

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        That sounds great! I'm going to a mushroom festival this weekend and I'm going to buy a variety to try it. I'm thinking that it would be nice to also have some pieces of whole mushrooms in there, too. Thanks again....

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          I second this.

          An alternative might be to try puree roasted or sauteed cauliflower. I makes a nice, creamy blend that might be great with mushrooms. For seasoning mushroom I like a little sage and cajun spice blend.

        2. If you add about 1/4 white rice/per quart of liquid to the mix ...depending on what recipe you use it will be added at a different need about 25 minutes at simmer. Then, when you are closer to finished, blend it. That will give you the thickness you want and you probably only need a tiny bit of milk or cream to get where you want to go.
          That was a Julia Child solution.

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            Great trick! Deborah Madison's asparagus soup also calls for rice. It gives it a nice "creaminess" without adding any fat.

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              I use JC's technique for all my "cream of" soups and they turn out great. Pure veggie essence -- she suggests adding a dollop of sour cream to enrich when serving.

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                Julia discusses at length the rice for cream soup thing in her book, "The Way To Cook", which is one of my most used cookbooks.

            2. If you use some potato in the soup, puree it with the broth, and enrich with low-fat crème fraîche, it should be lovely. That last is hard to find in the US, but you could look at the fat content of your locally available crema mexicana -- it might just be low-fat, for reasons of cheapness. Or use low-fat plain yogurt (although, again, I know that's tough to find in the US, of good quality at least).

              1. I've had good luck with substituting the cream with either fat free greek yogurt or fat free half & half. Personally, I like the tang that the yogurt gives the soups. Plus, it gives it a bit of body.