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Sep 3, 2008 02:49 PM

Kosher bison? [moved from Midwest board]

I was travelling in St. Louis and got my first chance to sample this species. Simon Kohn's promised they could ship some to me by air. Has anyone had luck with this vendor; are there others? The friendly cashier suggested I try making a lean meatloaf or sticking with the hamburger that's on the menu. Has anyone seen any other ways to prepare bison?


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  1. You may have more luck posting this on the Kosher board. I would look for recipes that are similar to beef, and substitute. It's very similar, but much leaner, so you'll have to add veggies for moisture, since you cannot use a milk-moistened bread pannade to help.

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      OK. I"ve posted on the kosher board.
      THanks for the cooking tip. THe cashier suggested using oil; adding vegetables sounds healthier!

      1. re: MichelleInSanDiego

        I like carrots, onions, and red or green peppers (depending on taste preference and type of recipe). I either chop them or process them to a paste in the food processor, depending on the type of recipe as well-- more finely if I don't want the texture to interfere-- and add them. Don't saute the veggies first, as that will get rid of their moisture, and you want that.

    2. I haven't eaten a lot of bison, but I've had excellent bison chile on several occasions. I think it would do well anywhere you would use lean stew meat (beef) or venison. Low and slow or a long braise.