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Sep 3, 2008 02:46 PM

Help me decide...Brunch for 10 (SD)

I'm trying to organize a birthday brunch for 10 people and I can't seem to decide! All the menu's look reasonably tasty...Here is what I've narrowed the list to (but if one is glaringly missing, please let me know!)

Parkhouse Eatery
Cafe One-Three
The Better Half (been for dinner and loved it)

There will be a couple of vegetarians in the mix, but I think all of these places have options for them.

Which of these places has space for 10? Which of these places would you reccomend? Or is there some other place that I'm missing? I've been to Urban Solace a number of times, so I didn't want to revisit.


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  1. Farmhouse Cafe does a really nice brunch, an probably handle ten if you call ahead. Kensington Grill has recently added Sunday brunch and we really enjoyed it with out-of-town guests.

    1. I'm not sure if Parkhouse Eatery would be able to handle a party of 10 but The Better Half certainly could. Not sure what Cafe One-Three is.

      1. We recently enjoyed brunch at the better half with my cousin, and it was really delicious. He proclaimed that it was the poshest breakfast he'd ever had(he's been travelling for some time so it was a real treat!) I really enjoyed the smoked salmon with potato pancakes and the blood orange mimosas were very tasty.

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          Thanks! I think as soon as we pick a date, we'll be going to the Better Half. I'll make sure to report back in a couple weeks!

        2. Have you thought about the Hotel Del. they have Bloody Marys and Champagne as well as a great selection of stuff.