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Sep 3, 2008 02:43 PM

Kosher bison?

I was travelling in St. Louis and got my first chance to sample this species. Simon Kohn's promised they could ship some to me by air. Has anyone had luck with this vendor; are there others?

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  1. Kohn's prices are pretty good. There were other online vendors but they appear to have gone out of business. Bison has never really taken off; it's available locally in Chicago, but once the novelty wears off, it's not a "go-to" meat.

    1. I regularly buy bison locally in Queens and in the 5 Towns. I like that it's far lower in fat than beef, and with certain cuts, I can't tell the difference at all. Some cuts have not been to my liking, but I've been quite happy with others. Can't recall the names of what I've liked vs. not liked right off the top of my head, but I do know I've used something in a "beef stew-like" recipe, and it was delicious. I also use ground bison for burgers. It's almost always available at Mazur's, sometimes at Supersol on Main Street, and last week I got some already-formed-into-burgers at Brach's in the 5 Towns. There's no novelty about it at all for me; it's all about the lower fat. From what I've read, ALL bison is grass-fed, so that's another advantage. Sometimes it's much more expensive than beef; other times it's comparable. I know there are some on this list who don't seem to see anything but price; for me, my health is worth it. It's all about what you value.

      1. I was in Fairway today and I saw kosher bison. They had many different cuts, and the brand was Solomon's OU. All of the meat was packed by the company similar to the way Empire's meat is when I buy it from the supermarket. Maybe you can get in touch with the company and see if they sell it in or near your area. Or if you place a big enough order maybe they'll ship some to you.

        1. Michelle,
          We live in St. Louis, and while we generally patronize the other kosher butcher, whose store is closer to us, we do shop at Simon Kohn's. Simon's son Lenny & his wife Rene run the business now. They are great folks, and I would think reliable re. shipping.
          My husband bought some ground bison at Kohn's a couple of weeks ago and made delicious burgers. It was a treat, as the bison was about $7.50 /lb., about twice as much as the ground beef. The taste was more deeply meaty--hard to explain. I am not sure about the lower fat, as the ground beef we buy at Diamant's is incredibly lean.
          (It's not from Agri).
          I know my sister-in-law buys bison in Skokie: probably from Hungarian or Romainian.