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Sep 3, 2008 02:15 PM


I'm having a hard time finding good fresh catered knishes in Toronto. I've been to some Bagel bakeries and either they were out of knishes or they didn't sell them at all. I view this as a MAJOR problem. I'm looking for standard "6-packs" of POTATO knishes.

They had none at Bagel Brothers on Bathurst and Steeles, Bagel House on Avenue had only stale pizza knishes left, No Frills on Wilson/Bathurst had none, Dominion at Bathurst/Sheppard had none, Loblaws on Bayview/Sheppard had none.

The only supermarket that had knishes was Sobey's on Clarke. They were a 6-pack for $4.59 and they were fresh and delicious. Although I enjoyed them, I'm sure I could find better.

The type that I'm looking for: Standard size (3 inch Domes or 2.5 inch X 3.5 inch Rectangular), not too much dough-to-potato ratio (in other words, I don't want to eat a doughball that has a hint of potato flavour), nicely pureed potato/fried onion in the middle. And of course: greasy.

To put it simply: If anyone out there was to have special guests over for a traditional Jewish feast i.e.) Rosh Hashanah dinner, and you wanted to bring home a dozen fresh POTATO knishes to impress your guests, where would you buy them?

There must be a few bakeries in the city that stock up on dozens of 6-packs of knishes daily - for some reason, these places are hiding from me.

Thanks a lot.

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  1. Hang in there M70. They are coming.

    1. OKay, I've only had 'em once, so I dont know whether they're good or not. But at least they're there and you can check 'em out, right? And, it's in Mississauga though, so this might not be your best bet.......................

      Highland Farms in Mississauga, on Hurontario and Matheson bakes 'em fresh every day. I've had it once, and I found 'em interesting ('coz it was my first time, you see). There's also a spinach one. I actually had them fresh as they took it out onto the bakery shelves, so they were extra warm and nice and cozy... :-) I mean, I'm sure if you ask 'em when they come out, they'll tell you a usual time or something... Pricewise, I forget, sowwy. :P

      1. Try Regina's Catering & Fine Foods, 844 Sheppard Avenue West. I haven't had them from there but everything is so fresh I'm sure they must have them and they'd be good.

        1. I also recommend calling Regina's. I've only had their beef knish (2 versions, one baked, one fried) but I'm sure they can supply the potato ones. (416) 636-1044
          They're at the north west corner of Sheppard West and Wilmington/Faywood.

          1. Honestly, potato knishes aren't easy to find in Toronto. They were NEVER easy to find here. There used to be a place called Montreal Bagel (I think that was its's tough to recall, its name was so generic) that is no longer around that used to make the best knishes I've had that weren't my grandmother's. Exactly what you are looking for. Lightly greasy, buttery, nicely seasoned and light (not dense!) potato filling, beautifully fried onions. The works. I could eat 20 easy in one sitting. Sadly this place closed down years ago. Gotta be 8 years now, if not more. Too bad. I can't recall how good their bagels were, but they did them fresh in a brick oven with the long wood paddles, avec honey etc etc. Montreal styles. Just can't recall if they were good. I'm guessing they were.

            ANYWAYS, this place was on Bathurst, just south of Wilson. But again, it's no longer there. My mom used to get dozens and dozens catered. Damn they were good.

            In my worthless opinion, you gotta do knishes yourself. Or even better, they have to come from your grandmother, or mom. Nothing tastes better than homemade. I know it's a cliche to say this but with potato knishes, that has absolutely been my experience. All other ones I've bought from stores, delis, etc. have paled in comparison to my grandmother’s. Nor do they hold a candle to my own. The problem is you better have at least a day to make them. Man are they ever a lot of work, quite labour intensive. But great fun. And sooooo worth the effort.

            If anyone finds a great store-bought knish (not a good one -- a great one) I'd be very interested as well. Most of the ones I've had, even from good delis, grocers, caterers, are awful garbage that I usually spit out.

            I must say, I sure wouldn't mind sampling embee's!

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            1. re: magic

              Magic, let's find some together. I know I won't find ones like my grandmother used to make, however, I have had amazing store-bought batches in Montreal.

              Man, I can't believe that place closed. I know what you mean about eating a dozen in a sitting, I just can't stop eating them when they are in the fridge. I'm sure there must be somewhere in this humongous city where we could find replacements.

              I'm going to keep looking. I'll post what I find.

              1. re: montrealer70

                Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch...they really are coming :-)

                  1. re: montrealer70

                    i have faith. i might not know what's traditional but i know what i like and i think you will like it too ;)

                  2. re: embee

                    Hey embee, the knishes being described can't be found in Toronto. I love them and always have to either bring them back from Montreal myself or have a friend do it for me. If you know of a proper source coming to T.O., dish lady dish!!!

                  3. re: montrealer70

                    If you find a great storebought one please let us know! I've never gone hunting for any. Just sampled as I came across them over the years. If you hunt and gather something good, yeah, report back! As I know it, Toronto’s knish scene needs some work:)

                    Honestly, if I were to have a last meal, potato knishes would be a frontrunner for the starch component of my meal. A real old school knish. Oh sweet baby.

                    embee, supply us with knished fuel somewhere, and we'll all put our brains together and see what can be done about this knish situation.

                    1. re: magic

                      Imagine two Caplansky's sandwiches with choice of mustard, half a dozen piping hot knishes and two Cott's Black Cherries. Now that's a last meal !!

                      1. re: montrealer70

                        I was at the Caplansky's 'grand opening' and loved the open faced sandwiches. Not as smokey as I was led to believe but quality and taste far beyond the industrial Lester stuff. But now you have me drooling for the sandwich plus knishes! Tomorrow I'm going to see if Regina has a potato knish worth considering. I'll let you know.