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Sep 3, 2008 02:11 PM

CHEAP drinks in santa monica?? help!!

So I'm from the eastside but I'm in santa monica(23rd and whilshire) doing some work and afterwards I'm meeting up with a friend for drinks but I only have 20 bucks haha. So where's the super cheap dive bars and amazing happy hours. Come on westsiders help me out. Thanks

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  1. Tengu has an early and a late happy hour. They serve sushi so while it might not be the very cheapest place you do get quite a deal. Same said for Wilshire the restaurant on 24th and Wilshire - they have a good early happy hour.

    1. Cheapest drinks all night that I know are at Chez Jay.

      Happy hour cheap drinks are Arsenal, The Yard. Arsenal is where your $20 will go the furthest.

      1. I think the cheapest happy hour cocktails are probably at the at the crepe place on the promenade at Broadway -$3.50 wells and $3 beers. Barney's beanery is close to the same price. the yard might have some $3 beers as well but i think they raised the hh prices recently. Cabo Cantinas on the promenade and on wilshire are 2 for 1 at hh so the total bill will probably be similar to these. dont eat the food at cabo cantina. if you want to eat try the Border grill which also has a good happy hour with $3 appetizers and free chips and salsa. They have good drink specials also.

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          These are all good suggestions. As far as Border Grill goes, the drink specials are $4 margaritas, mojitos, and house beer and wine--a steal, considering the margaritas are usually $12+

          And if you like beer, Barney's just may be your best bet.

          I've also heard that Warszawa on Lincoln has a good HH, but I've never been.

          You could also head to Main Street and check out Enterprise Fish Company. I'm blanking on the prices, but I have memories of their happy hour being really good...

        2. GasLite at 21st and Wilshire also has pretty cheap drinks.

          1. It's funny how out of touch with "the dank" the posters have been thus far. Border Grill is hardly a "super cheap dive bar" folks! A crepe place for drinks? Seriously??? I also love the person who suggested going to a cheap sushi bar - good idea...

            If you're looking for cheap drinks and don't mind a place lacking in charm I'd suggest JP's on Wilshire and 11th. What the place lacks in ambience (and it's seriously lacking) it makes up for in stretching your bux.

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              1. re: JeMange

                The OP also asked for "amazing happy hours." I'm assuming that's got to be a separate request from "super cheap dive bars."

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                  love Warszawa for happy hour, not super cheap dive bar.

                2. re: JeMange

                  Dive bars aren't really my thing (nor are they Santa Monica's thing) so instead I focused on the "AND amazing happy hours" part of the question.

                  1. re: JeMange

                    I don't think the OP was looking for a dive bar, he was looking for a place where he could have a few drinks (maybe more than a few) and also possibly something to eat for less than $20. At that crepe place you can have 5 gin and tonics while sitting at an outdoor table on the promenade while watching the crowd go by and still have something left over from your $20 for a tip. Perhaps you would rather cry into your (more expensive) beer at some dank sh*thole such as Del's saloon, but not everyone is looking for this. I stand by my recommendations. I'll also bet the OP followesd one of my recs and went to Cabo Cantina on Wilshire.

                    1. re: Mateo R

                      cheap gin and tonics at a crepe restaurant watching fanny-packed tourists go by. Sounds like the night of the century!

                      1. re: JeMange


                        But honestly Cafe Crepe is styled as a french brasserie, and the cocktails are the cheapest I know of in downtown Santa monica. It's not Anisette but they do have outdoor seating like a true french cafe would. If the friend you wanted to take with you happened to be more like a date and you only had 20 bucks, 2 rounds of cocktails followed by a stroll on the beach could actually turn into the night of the century if you were lucky.

                        P.S. I don't like their crepes.