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Sep 3, 2008 01:46 PM

Hidden LA gems left uncovered

Josie, Grace, the Hungry Cat, Joe's, Father's Office. I'm excited to try these this weekend, but is there any place like these that hasn't yet received a ton of press?

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  1. Jar

    1. What about less expensive places?

      Bella Roma SPQR
      Village Idiot
      the Bruery
      and so on

      chez Mimi
      Lucky Devil's
      Boneyard bistro
      And so on.

      What exactly are you using as Criteria for places for dining fun?

      1. I will second
        Lucky Devils **though you may get so-so service**

        hmmm how about...
        Paco's Tacos
        Jeff's Sausage Kitchen
        Zen Sushi

        1. There is a tiny bakery in K-town on Beverly, a few blocks west of Virgil called Panaderia Salvadoreno (north side of the street, right at a three way stoplight). Amazing central American style tamales. The kind with the soft masa, a bit like creamed polenta, with the meat and chillies in the middle, wrapped in banana leaves. (I have been told this is Central American style, I ate this style myself in the highlands of Guatemala, and have fond memories of them).

          I also ate at E3rd Steakhouse in Little Tokyo a few weeks ago, Not as polished as the places you have listed, but the food was delicious. Kim chee mashed potatoes.