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Sep 3, 2008 01:42 PM

Tong Thai brasserie east 13th st.

Don't know. From the lunch menu I had beef laab and fish curry. The laab was very muted, the curry both overly salty and overly sweet and not interesting. On the plus side the fish was perfectly cooked and the set lunch was $7.50.
Has anyone esle tried this place? Maybe I'm looking for the wrong things here.

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  1. I just had lunch there today, and I enjoyed it. I had the chicken skewers for an appetizer and my companion had Thai dumplings. The dumplings were very tasty with a nice rich flavor and the chicken was tasty though a little on the dry side. I had coconut rice and the salmon for the main. The salmon had a nice spice rub crust on it and was perfectly cooked. The confit of vegetables underneath (onion and i"m not sure what else) was a very nice complement. My friend had one of the noodle dishes with chicken (sorry, I don't remember exactly which one). It had a nice spicy kick to it and very fresh flavors. Overall we thought that the flavors were fresh and full. The space is nice too, and while the servers were possibly a little too attentive, I put that down to newness. They were very anxious to please and clearly still getting their feet wet.
    I don't know about their dinner prices, but the set lunch price can't be beat for a nice place to have a sit-down lunch and pretty good food.

    1. Dang. I was hoping to have the first post. Anyhoo, I was thoroughly impressed with this place. Our steamed mussel appetizer was fantastic (on the menu as Maine Basket, or something, and the shellfish are subject to change daily). The broth was so flavorful that I spooned out every last drop, manners, shmanners. Just be warned, the sliced peppers aren't just there for decoration. My wife got the salmon, which was seared skin down to about a medium well--perfect. The salmon flavor was dominated by the accompanying sauce, but the sauce was good, so no harm no foul. I had the short ribs, which were as tender and flake-on-the-fork as I expected. It was very hearty, and I'm looking forward to ordering this dish again when the weather turns a little colder. For dessert we got a scoop of the Thai tea ice cream, creamy and comforting, and the sorbet trio, made with fresh fruit.---In a nutshell, I'd describe the cuisine as Thai with loose supervision from a French chef (the heartiness of the beef stew, the emphasis of the meat in the presentations, the delicate flavors in the sorbet) The portion sizes were average, but given the relatively low prices (mussels-8, salmon-14, beef-12, desserts-4 and 6, I think), they were substantial, and we left full. Throw in the fact that we got a free glass of house chardonnay as part of an opening special, we feel like we got the maximum bang for our buck. I can see how marthat thought the servers were a little overattentive, but their concern, I felt was genuine. -- Overall, I highly recommend this place.