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Sep 3, 2008 01:18 PM

Food gifts $10 or less

My family puts a limit of $10 on our Christmas gifts. Looking for some good food gift ideas.

I've done wine, beer, 4 packs of Godiva truffles, and jams. What else can I do?

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  1. You can probably fit some interesting salts and vinegars in the budget if they are cooks. Include a recipe card or "idea" card. Unusual pickles or chutneys can be found during the year as you travel or go to different stores- pick up and save for the holiday gifts. I have also had fun at ethnic markets putting together a little basket. $10 is pushing it, but you can find cool stuff and pack it into a thrift shop bowl or basket.

    1. Some fun pastas, wine vinegars, coffee/tea sampling, maybe there is a tasting/cooking demo in the area they live that you could get a gift certificate for?

      1. That's such a good idea. Incidentally, do you think that you focus more on the meaning of Christmas by doing that?

        1. herbs and spices: herbes de provence, peppercorns, salts, saffron, etc.

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            I like this idea--if you have a Penzeys near you, you can get a few of those little jars of spices for $10 (I think if you ordered online you'd end up paying too much in shipping)

            Or I'd get one thing for $10 that you'd normally only spend $2 for--like a really good jam or honey, imported cookies, or as torty suggested "interesting" stuff from an ethnic market.

          2. a wheel of brie. Hard to wrap, But beats frankensence and mirhh.(spelling is overrated)