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Sep 3, 2008 11:49 AM

Postino on Central

Driving yesterday on Central, north of Camelback, and saw the sign in the old Katz Deli (the last time I ate there it was filthy) and saw the sign Postino coming soon. Great news.

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  1. Haven't been down that way in some time. Katz' has closed? Are they relocating or is that the end? (Not that it would necessarily be missed - just curious.)

    1. Really? The same LGO related Postino? I read something just a few months ago stating that a second Postino would be opening up Downtown, near Central and Roosevelt? Has that changed, or are they on an expansion frenzy?

      It doesn't make sense to open up so many in central Phoenix to me. I must admit, it would dilute the product.

      Open another concept, not another copy.

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      1. re: Grey

        Phoenix Newtimes confirms LGO group is opening a second outpost of Postino in old Katz location.

        I personally love that place, so another outpost is welcome to me. Hope it lives up to the standards of the original.

        1. re: Booger

          I hope it's better -- a lot better -- than the original ...

      2. This is news I like. I live in the neighborhood and this is a HUGE upgrade. The girlfriend and I hit up Katz a couple months ago for breakfast and it was not only filthy but down right disgusting food. LGO has the golden touch and that location is within easy walking distance, sounds like the site of many good times in the future.

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        1. re: bpreston

          Totally agree with you bpreston. It's within walking distance on a not so hot day and I am looking forward to their opeing. Iguess they are saying January 2008 per New Times article today.