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Sep 3, 2008 11:35 AM

Chinese Take Out-South Mpls

My family just moved from Fridley (finally) and now we are settling in and trying to locate our convenience food options around the Nokomis area.

I've caught this thread from 2006 and 2007, but I wanted to put this out there for recs.

Hope to hear some suggestions. Willing to go to Bloomington and Richfielf too.


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  1. I also moved into the city a few years back and welcome. I'm not actually too fond of the chinese take-away options in SW mpls. Around Nokomis I would check out Singapore!

    1. Are you just looking for Chinese take out recs? Because I think the Nokomis area is a little bereft of good Chinese. My favorite is Singapore, a Malaysian place at 34th Ave and 56th street. I also like a place in the strip mall off Hiawatha and 50th, I think it's called Chinese Garden? It's next to Blockbuster, and I love the chow fun and steamed dumplings. There's a place called Seren-Tori at 34th Ave and Highway 62 that I really, really want to like because the family that owns it seems really sweet, but everything I've had there has been pretty bad. I will say that I went a few times in the weeks after they opened, then stopped, so maybe they've improved and I would encourage you to give them a chance because maybe I just wasn't ordering the right things. Jun Bo off 494 isn't far, and you can get take out dim sum at all hours.

      As far as other types of take out, I like Grand Old Creamery, Hot Plate, Colossal Cafe, and Highland Park is just across the bridge and there's Punch, Noodles, Highland Grill, and Highland Cafe (get the momo's from the Nepali menu!).

      I love Buster's on 28th and the Chatterbox for the beer, but the food's pretty average and the ventilation sucks at both places. Be prepared to come home reeking of grease.

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      1. re: drew13000

        Thanks Drew. I used to live near 46th and Nicollet, so I know a lot of places already, just not the 'hole in the walls' and such over near Nokomis.

        Thanks for the tidbits!


        1. re: MayrMN

          I thought of another place. At 50th St and 34th, there's a mexican restaurant, Dominguez Ristorante, that has great fish tacos.

          1. re: drew13000

            I love Dominguez... they have great chili rellenos that you can get for $3 a piece a la carte!

            1. re: drew13000

              Thanks for the rec...I'm going to be house sitting in that area pretty soon, and I'm always looking for new places to go.

          2. re: drew13000

            I actually really like Seren Tori. The pad thai (I get it extra spicy) is one of my favorite foods ever. They have good egg rolls too, and they make really good milkshakes. I agree the family there is very nice. It's never very busy though, I hope it picks up.

            I live a couple blocks from Singapore but yet to try it because the hours of operation seem pretty random, I haven't quite figured it out yet.

            1. re: fizzypop

              I'll have to go back and try the pad thai and egg rolls. I really want to like the restaurant, and I want them to succeed, so I'm going to give them another shot.

              I agree about Singapore's hours. I know they're closed Mondays, and it seems like they open sometime around 6 pm and close around 10, but often I'll drive by around 11 and see the Open sign still on. If I'm really jonesing for something, I always call ahead to see if they're open.

              1. re: drew13000

                Take out for us is Fresh Wok, in a strip mall on Nicollet and 46th. Best dishes are their house lo mein, chicken wings and seafood delight (which has lobster tail).

              2. re: fizzypop

                No reason to bump this back to the list rather than to say we went to SerenTori last night (for the second time), and were super impressed. Everyone was really nice and the food was REALLY good. Lao Gang Som Pla was fantastic.. and the Pad Thai my dad ordered was also excellent (didn't have that burnt off a super hot wok noodle thing going on that I kinda like, but the taste/color/texture were all really nice).
                Warning - all entrees get free super bland chicken noodle soup as an appetizer (add the sriracha and *poof*, all better)- think about that before you order soup, but don't let it stop you -- every soup we have had from there has been FANTASTIC.

            2. Mrs. Gutgrease says that Fresh Wok (46th & Nicollet) is her favorite. It's good stuff. We've also gone to the one across from Cafe Levain at 48th & Chicago. It's nothing special but won't disappoint.

              The chinese takeout place that we REALLY enjoy now is located at Chicago & 54th Street. I can't remember the name but it is the best we've had recently. It's a cash-only joint and it takes a little while for them to get the order ready, but the meal has always been worth the wait. Anyone know the name?

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              1. re: GutGrease

                Huie's? Really? I tried it a few years back and thought it was horrid. Star Moon (across from Cafe Levain) is better but also not very good.

                1. re: GutGrease

                  We love Fresh Wok and think it is the best. Their meat is tender and identifiable. Their steamed dumplings are the best we've had at a mostly take-out place. Their veggies are really good. And they are super nice and deliver.

                  1. re: churchka

                    We're fans of Star Dragon...Lake and Cedar. Have only had it delivered, not sure what the takeout situation is like. Always fast, hot, and pretty good. It might be a little further north than you're looking for but it's an option.

                    1. re: churchka

                      Just ordered Fresh Wok last night. Really good! $30.00 with tip and enough food for 6 meals (3 each for me and hubs). We ordered:

                      Cream Cheese Wontons - these were ok, same as anywhere else. Incidentally, I am from Chicago and there we call them Crab Rangoon and they have bits of crab (or more likely "krab") in them. I wonder why no one serves rangoon here. Or why no one serves cream cheese wontons in Chicago :)

                      Orange Chicken - delicious. Chunks of white meat barely coated in batter. My only complaint is I would have liked a bit more sauce with it, as it tended to be a wee bit dry.

                      Beef and Broccoli - nicely flavored. The beef was perhaps a bit too tender for my taste (kind of fall apart and mushy) but a good dish.

                      Veggie Fried Rice - this is pretty standard. Nothing special, but not bad at all.

                      I think they will be our standard chinese takeout place. So few deliver in the SW Minneapolis area, and they seem reliably good.

                      1. re: puddin head

                        We also tried them a few days ago. The cream cheese wontons and egg rolls were decent. I really liked the roast pork fried rice -- big chunks of roast pork in it. The seafood delight (?) was not bad -- good flavor and nice portion of shrimp, scallops, a bit of real crabmeat, and some surimi. The mu shu pork was kind of flavorless and really needed the hoisin sauce.

                        Overall, a good Chinese takeout for south central Minneapolis.

                    2. re: GutGrease

                      Are you serious about the Chicago & 54th Street place? It's only 5 blocks from me, but the place really lacks 'curb appeal'.


                      1. re: discus

                        I tried it once (it's called Huie's) and thought it was just about the worst slop ever dished up from a Chinese takeout place.

                        1. re: Jordan

                          Obviously Jordan doesn't like Huie's. I can deal with that. It's just an opinion.

                          Discus is right though. Huie's has bad curb appeal, it takes longer for them to cook your order, and they only accept cash....but it's still the best that I've had in recent memory. We've found it to be better than Fresh Wok and Star Moon. That's just our opinion.