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Sep 3, 2008 11:34 AM

I am impressed

I had lunch with a co-worker today at Moti's Falafel Stand in Rockville. It was terrific! I must say that the service in the deli was very poor, we were not treated very friendly and it was not busy.

I had a taste of the shawarma meat (and I will have it next time), but for today I had the falafel in the pita with Hummus and items from the topping bar. Like Israeli salad and fried eggplant. As Rachael would say "Yum-O!" And I only spent $5.00 and some change!!

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    1. The service is routinely lousy not only at Moti's but at the entire store! Re: the restauraunt, as long as you stick with Isreali food you are okay, but everything else is not worth the price. If you are looking for Kosher dining, Pomegranite and even the shwarma at Max's is much better.

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        Where is Max's and Pomeganite? I would love to try them. I am fortunate to work with a couple fellow Foodies and we go to different places all the time.

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          Max's is in Wheaton, and Pomegranate Cafe is in Potomac in the shopping center at the corner of Tuckerman and Seven Locks.

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            I will be able to get over to Max's way before Pmegranite. I am just looking for something close to home or work. I will post what I think. Thank you Daniel!

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              New mission: to find the best falafel in the Tri-State area. I have a new love for the month, you guessed it, FALAFEL. I have been to Max's this weekend and a place in Takoma Park called Middle Eastern Cuisine. They are first place right now..

              It is a very friendly family owned and operated restaurant. I had dinner there on Friday with my 2 daughters and my Aunt. My oldest daughter had Spaghetti and Meatballs and my other daughter had Grilled Cheese and Fries. (She is SUCH a coward!!!!) As my Aunt says, do not go to a water fountain and expect juice.... These dishes were HORRIBLE!!! The cheese had a funny texture that my six year old almost regurgitated it and she LOVES cheese. The Spaghetti had very little sauce and it was extremely watery. But.... The meatballs were made out of Lamb and Beef and were AMAZING!!!!! My other daughter hated them and said they were too “grown up” tasting for her. (She is seven, go figure. LOL)

              The Mediterranean food was GREAT. We had the Mezza Platter with; 3 types of Hummus, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Falafel Balls Cous, Cous Salad and Pita Bread. I didn't care for one of the Hummuses (I think it was the olive one.) Not because it wasn't good, just personal taste. The Falafel was terrific. We had to keep making sandwiches with the Hummus as spread, Falafel and salad. Yummm-EEE! Last, we shared a Combination Kabob, It was ok, but the tomato sauce was sparse again and flavorless.

              All in all, a good experience. I talked to one of the owners because of the sandwich and the services took FOREVER!! He was soo eager to talk to us and make us happy, I was flattered. His daughter was our waitress and was as cute as a button. (Her attitude was amazing even when I got a little frustrated with the slow service.)

              Make sure you go in the day or early evening, or it gets packed very fast, and do not order American food, but definitely try it out! I really enjoyed myself.