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Sep 3, 2008 11:11 AM

Olives in LA

After a recent trip to Italy, I've returned addicted to olives. My local Ralphs and Pavilions have "olive bars" but my experience there had been erratic at best. When I catch them at the right time they are pretty good, but at the wrong time it's pretty disgusting. What I'm looking for is simple: fresh non-pitted green olives. Any insight would be helpful.

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  1. In the larger WFoods markets, they have a decent selection as does Bristol Farms.
    Not sure of the freshness and turnover issues though.
    Surfas in Culver City has some as well.

    1. I've had surprisingly good non-pitted green olives in a jar from a company called, "Gaea." They're organic, from Greece, and the ingredients are pretty basic: organic green olives, water, salt, lemon juice. I found them at Bristol Farms...

      1. the olives at the bev hills cheese shop are pretty good. worth checking out.

        1. Papa Cristo's at Normandie and Pico has a good selection of green olives, the Greek Festival is this weekend across the street. You might also try any of the Claro's Italian Deli's in the San Gariel Valley & OC.

          1. You might want to check out the selection at Jon's Markets.