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Sep 3, 2008 10:36 AM

Korean restaurants in Toronto?

I'm visiting the city for a few weeks and need to get my kimchi on. What are some of your favorite picks for Korean food? I'm looking for everything from hole-in-the-wall joints to nicer places where I can take my K-food newbies in Toronto.

(I've searched the board on this topic but all the posts are more than a year old. Love to have more recent opinions.)


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  1. While it's really Korean-Chinese food (read: jajang myun and sweet sour pork), Taste of Magic on Bloor, between Bathurst and Christie is an old reliable for me. Of the many places I've been to in town, it's my favourite for jajang myun.

    1. I really like Chodong Soon Tofu - west end - on Dundas just east of Kipling...worth the drive/free parking lot. Great kimchee, amazing fresh/soft tofu, the spicy chicken dish is also fab, our fave is the dolsot bibimbop though.

      1. I like Onara Onara at 648 Bloor St W, when in the hood there are many others to check out and with a few good Korean grocery stores around, if you have the means, you can pick up all the ingredients to make your own feast at home...or at least a variety of banchan to snack on...I love those fermented black beans!!

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          I went to the big Korean market (down the steps) on Bloor St. and walked out with four grocery bags full of K-goodies. (Of course, one of the bags contained a huge 4-liter jar of kimchi!)

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            I had lunch at Onara Onara yesterday. Good dolsot bibim bap. The place is smaller and cozier than Ka-chi down the street but I'd say the food is similar in quality.

            Also scored two bags of Korean groceries at the P.A.T. market nearby. Yay! More kimchi!!

          2. In the city a few weeks, Susan, before you leave, you must Suddenly get up Yonge St. N. of Steeles to the Galleria Supermarket. If you have never been there, they have a large variety of different kimchees. And so very much more, Korean, Korean. Several fast food in Supermarket restaurants, if needing just a quick taste, a bakery, sampling on weekends, etc. Worth browsing an hour and you don't need a large cart, they have these wonderful 2 wheelers for smaller purchases!!! Adding a quick P.S., get a great big bag of the Korean Roasted Barley Tea, so many items for home!!!!!

            1. Cool. Thanks for the recc's, everybody. My friend tells me that aside from Onara Onara, the other places are a bit far from where we are. I think I'll check out the Bloor St. restaurants then pick up a big jar of kimchi to stank up the fridge. LOL.