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Korean restaurants in Toronto?

I'm visiting the city for a few weeks and need to get my kimchi on. What are some of your favorite picks for Korean food? I'm looking for everything from hole-in-the-wall joints to nicer places where I can take my K-food newbies in Toronto.

(I've searched the board on this topic but all the posts are more than a year old. Love to have more recent opinions.)


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  1. While it's really Korean-Chinese food (read: jajang myun and sweet sour pork), Taste of Magic on Bloor, between Bathurst and Christie is an old reliable for me. Of the many places I've been to in town, it's my favourite for jajang myun.

    1. I really like Chodong Soon Tofu - west end - on Dundas just east of Kipling...worth the drive/free parking lot. Great kimchee, amazing fresh/soft tofu, the spicy chicken dish is also fab, our fave is the dolsot bibimbop though.

      1. I like Onara Onara at 648 Bloor St W, when in the hood there are many others to check out and with a few good Korean grocery stores around, if you have the means, you can pick up all the ingredients to make your own feast at home...or at least a variety of banchan to snack on...I love those fermented black beans!!

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          I went to the big Korean market (down the steps) on Bloor St. and walked out with four grocery bags full of K-goodies. (Of course, one of the bags contained a huge 4-liter jar of kimchi!)

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            I had lunch at Onara Onara yesterday. Good dolsot bibim bap. The place is smaller and cozier than Ka-chi down the street but I'd say the food is similar in quality.

            Also scored two bags of Korean groceries at the P.A.T. market nearby. Yay! More kimchi!!

          2. In the city a few weeks, Susan, before you leave, you must Suddenly get up Yonge St. N. of Steeles to the Galleria Supermarket. If you have never been there, they have a large variety of different kimchees. And so very much more, Korean, Korean. Several fast food in Supermarket restaurants, if needing just a quick taste, a bakery, sampling on weekends, etc. Worth browsing an hour and you don't need a large cart, they have these wonderful 2 wheelers for smaller purchases!!! Adding a quick P.S., get a great big bag of the Korean Roasted Barley Tea, so many items for home!!!!!

            1. Cool. Thanks for the recc's, everybody. My friend tells me that aside from Onara Onara, the other places are a bit far from where we are. I think I'll check out the Bloor St. restaurants then pick up a big jar of kimchi to stank up the fridge. LOL.

              1. My reccs are downtown only, since i live downtown.

                i like Ka-Chi. the original one is on Bloor st, east of Christie subway station. It's on the very corner and is always pretty packed. the Food is delicious, and so cheap. it's a hole in th wall, but the food speaks for itself. They opened a second location on Spadina, on the street of the Pho Hung (i can't rememebr the name of the street, maybe someone else will know). It is righter and cleaner than the original version, and the food is good, but not as good as the Bloor location.

                If i'm not in the mood for pork bone soup, and tofu stew, i'll go to Rol San. It's on Queen st west, West of Bathurst. the food is good and offers more ambiance than Ka-Chi.The service is great.

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                  Rol San is Chinese on Spadina, not Korean. You must be thinking of something else...

                  The whole strip from Christie to Bathurst on Bloor is considered "Korean Town" and most of the restos have been there for a while, so year-old posts would still be valid.

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                    Oops, thanks Teep. I meant: San Korean Restaurant Located at 676 Queen Street West.

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                      San changed ownership about a year ago.

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                        OK, thanks for that. I was there about 4 months ago, and it was still good so maybe the OP may want to try it, if they were in the Queen west area.

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                    The S.O. and I went to Ka-Chi on Bloor St. today. Chalenegirl, you were right about the prices; sooo cheap! The two of us ordered three dishes and struggled to finish them all even tho they were delish and the S.O. eats like a horse.

                    We shared the 떡라볶이 (tuck-ra-bokki) which is something i don't usually see in Korean restaurants in the States. It's chewy rice cakes simmered in a spicy-sweet kochu-jang sauce with ramen noodles and fish cakes. It's the kind of comfort food dish you get in cheap-o fast food joints in Korea for $3. The version served at Ka-Chi (still a bargain at $6.50) was less spicy than what you get in Korea but I actually preferred it that way because it didn't sear the taste buds off my tongue and I was able to taste the rest of my meal.

                    I also had a gynormous bibimbap with bulgogi and the S.O. had soon du-bu chigae (a bubbling bowl of silky tofu in a brick-red spicy broth). Both were pretty good, considering their low price tag of $7.50 or so each.

                    The service was friendly enough. A word of caution: Do not use their washroom unless you REALLY have to. You've been warned.

                    I walked along Bloor and I can't wait to try the other places.
                    What do you guys think of Korea House and Buk Chang Dong Soon Du Bu? I'm figuring that Buk Chang Dong is pretty authentic because they only have the sign in Korea. LOL.

                    I'm here till mid-October so please keep the Korean recc's coming.


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                      Most of the newer Korean spots are in North York - luckily, it's right on the subway line, so it's no less convenient than getting to the Bloor West K-town. Just get off at Finch and walk south, or get off at Sheppard, and walk north. There must be 20-30 spots to choose from.

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                        I'll see if I can make my way there. Thanks~

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                        Buk Chang Dong, on Bloor St. just east of the Christie subway station, is my favorite go-to Korean joint on that stretch of Koreatown. It has just a half dozen offerings, all at $8, tax included, (unless the prices have jumped recently), almost all of which are substantial Korean soups/stews with assorted toppings. Just slightly more expensive than Ka-Chi, but - in my view - a cut or two above in quality. Invariably busy with serious eaters, most of them older than the Ka-Chi crowd. There's a branch of Buk Chang Dong on north Yonge St., near Finch Ave., with exactly the same menu and prices, and just as good.

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                          Awesome. I love soon du bu chigae and I can't wait to try the stews at Buk Chang Dong. Thanks for the input.

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                            I had lunch at Buk Chang Dong recently and thought it was awesome. All the stews were hearty and delicious. I had the Mandu Soon Dubu and the S.O. had the Kimchi Soon Dubu. I also loved the rice cooked in the stone pot served with water at the end. It's clear that they don't take short cuts here while some of the other places in the nabe do. The food is good enough that you don't mind the cramped and charmless decor.

                            Thanks for the recc!

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                            "The service was friendly enough. A word of caution: Do not use their washroom unless you REALLY have to. You've been warned."

                            thats my number 1 reason to not eat somewhere. dirty washroom=dirty kitchen

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                            The 2nd location of Ka-Chi is on St. Andrew just west of Spadina. It's in the area known as Kensington Market which borders on Chinatown. So, on the slim chance you have any room left in your stomachs, there are lots of other chowish places nearby.

                          4. If you were in the mood for Korean BBQ, I have liked Sariwan at Yonge and Steeles. Their Kalbi was nicely marinated and very tender. No photo of the ribs, but I have a photo of the pork belly they serve:

                            Their ginseng tea is also quite nice and herby.


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                              Sariwon on Yonge, north of Steeles has the BEST korean BBQ in all of Toronto. You cannot get better than this in Toronto. Their non-BBQ dishes are also worth your $$. I just had dinner there, the marniated gal-bi and mool-nangmyun (cold noodle soup). Their noodle soup is 2nd best in Toronto, after Jo-sun-ok, which is also on Yonge, north of steeles. But the only thing good there is the nangmyun.

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                                really ? Have you tried Arirang in Mississauga ? It is comparable.

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                                  foodlandian, I haven't tried Jo-sun-ok yet. Thanks for the tip. Always on the lookout for new food in my area.

                                  skylineR33 - anything on the east end IYO?

                                  Actually found an old photo of the kalbi: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bokchoi-...

                                  Close-up of grilling action (kalbi): http://www.flickr.com/photos/bokchoi-...

                                  1. re: BokChoi

                                    I do not know any place that is good in the east end. But there are a couple of places that are good in Mississauga which are recommended by my Korean friends as they now prefer Korean restaurants in the west more than those on Yonge street.

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                                      Ok that close up shot put Sariwon on my list of places to definitely visit. The grill looks just like this one in LA (Park's) I went to earlier this year, and the meat quality looks above average, for sure.

                                      1. re: grandgourmand

                                        Glad the photo was of some assistance, grandgourmand! Hope you enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts once you have. I am always on a look out for something better if you happen to come across something that beats Sariwan.

                                        Thanks skylineR33 for the response. My regular dining group usually isn't up for Korean BBQ, unless it's close by, and we all live in the East end - so it will be tough to drag them across town for Korean food. Dim sum at Grand is a different story though...
                                        Let me know if you find any great finds in the East end though. Thanks

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                                      Cho Sun Ok's mul naengmyun is excellent, and arguably the best to some, but the thing is that their version comes with a large dollop of hot sauce, and they will actually refuse to serve it to you sans sauce ("But," they protest, "without the sauce, it is not delicious!!")!

                                      I prefer the versions without the hot sauce, as I look to order this dish as a great coolant on a hot summer day. The version at Sariwon is indeed very good, and acts as a superb complement to their kalbi.


                                      1. re: Chester Eleganté

                                        where's Cho Sun Ok? I have crazy naengmyun cravings sometimes..

                                        1. re: whatstasty

                                          BibimQ at 597 Yonge serves naengmyun but I don't think it's listed on the menu. I saw Koreans eating it there before I knew what it is - just saw the steel bowl, egg, veggies and noodles in soup. Have to try it some time.

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                                            I loooove Cho Sun Ok's mul naeng myun. And of their ban chan, this:

                                            is my fave. Thankfully, they serve cold noodle all year!!

                                            Cho Sun Ok
                                            7353 Yonge St, Markham, ON L3T, CA

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                                        Sariwan is kind of far for me. What's the best Korean restaurant in downtown Toronto, preferably near Bloor St?

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                                          if you are looking for a full menu traditional korean place on bloor st, between bathurst and christie, there are several restos that have been around for at least 20-30 years which include korea house, seoul house (i may have the wrong english transl here) and il bun ji: they offer the traditional spreads unlike places like buk chang dong or owl... il bun ji is quite good despite holding itself out as a sushi/japanese place, the korean fare is very good with lots of side dishes and large portions. i'd recommend the traditional kalbi (rather than the LA style), their jjampong is good (hot), as are the other soups - prepare to share and roll home.

                                          1. re: berbere

                                            Thanks! Of the three you mentioned (Korea House, Seoul House, Il Bun Ji), which do you think has the best decor and is good for a group of 6 people?

                                            1. re: suddenly susan

                                              hmm, as i said, these are the older restos in town and so their decor is admittedly kinda stale - for a group of 6, you should be able to get a booth at il bun ji and the others.... i think i prefer il bun ji over the others, but seoul house is good too. il bun ji's decor is more japanese and seoul house is traditional korean -- they are all on the same side of bloor (north) and so you could easily just walk and pop your head in to see if it appeals to you before deciding.

                                          2. re: suddenly susan

                                            Sorry suddenly_susan, I am more familiar with the Northern Korean Town. Hope the others can assist you. I have only had mediocre Korean food on Bloor, so I cannot recommend a satisfying meal there - I probably chose restaurants poorly.


                                            1. re: BokChoi

                                              I haven't been to Il Bun Ji in a couple of years, but I've never had a bad meal there. I tend to stick to the Mae Woon Tang (spicy fish soup) or the Hwe Dup Bap (raw fish with vegetables, rice and spicy sauce. Both are great. The one drawback at Il Bun Ji is that their kalbi is cooked in the kitchen. They don't have table grills. There's a place at Weston Road and Eglinton that is popular with Koreans. My Korean friend told me her parents go there when they're in Toronto. I'm not sure of its name. I also like Seoul House at Dufferin and Orfus Road. It does a mix of Korean, Japanese and Chinese, but their Saengsun Chigae (spicy fish soup) and Hwe Dup Bap are both very good.

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                                                Four of us went to Il Bun Ji and had table top BBQ in one of the private rooms. Were you by yourself or just ordering one portion? Most Korean restaurants only allow table top BBQ for a minimum of two portions.

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                                                  Just an update to my own post more than a year ago. I was at Il Bun Ji last week and noticed that the menus have been updated. Kalbi is now available to be cooked at the table. There were other table cooking options as well, though I don't recall the details. My hwae dup bap was as delicious as ever, but my friend commented that her bi bim bap was a bit on the small side and had very little beef in it. I found the banchan to be on the tame side. In particular, the kimchi was very dry and not spicy at all. I do love that all meals begin with a small bowl of savoury rice porridge. It's a nice touch and a great way to curb the desire to overeat.

                                                  I keep meaning to try Korea House, but I somehow always wind up at Il Bun Ji. Can anyone recommend dishes at the more traditional Korean restaurants along Bloor St.?

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                                                    I quite like Korea House- I'm fond of their kim chi jegae which is pretty traditional. They make their own dumplings and they're quite nice too- fried or steamed. Their side dishes are always excellent and plentiful too- they mix it up a bit.
                                                    Korea House doesn't get much space on CH, but for me, it's generally a great place for solid Korean fare.

                                          3. I'll put in my enthusiastic vote for Joon's on Bloor near Bathurst (also in north Koreatown, but I haven't tried that one). They serve tak kalbi (chicken in spicy sauce with cabbage, sweet potatoes and rice cake). You can add extras like cheese or more rice cakes, and it's cooked on a table top pan. Afterwards you can add rice with sesame oil to mix with leftover sauce and bits. They also have a few variations on the menu including a curry version, and a few other dishes. It's my go-to place for Korean food newbies, because it's what I ate when I was a newbie living in Seoul. Delish!

                                            Joons Restaurant
                                            605 Bloor W, Toronto, ON M6G1K5, CA

                                            Joons Restaurant
                                            4852 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N5N2, CA

                                            1. We really like Manna on Dundas West about halfway between Islington and Kipling. The owner / chef runs a great little shop, with emphasis on home style Korean food and hospitality.

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                                              1. Ajuker on Bloor for K-fried chicken. Really good. 7-8 banchan. Also like the hot chicken. With a bowl of rice. So good! Open late.

                                                Afc Ajuker Canada
                                                680 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G1L2, CA

                                                1. I just tried this new place on k town in downtown, called Henna or Hanna Gom Tang, right across the korean grocery store, they have the best hand cut noodles on a beef broth thats been simmering for more than 24 hr called gom tang, and i had their sliced pork with spicy daikon on the side that you wrap on a nappa leaves!! the BEST i have ever tried.!!!! TRUST ME!
                                                  Gom tang is like the chicken noodle soup for koreans, if you need that extra boost for your body that is coming down with cold or flu, thats what they eat! and it taste so good!