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Sep 3, 2008 10:18 AM

Raw Bar - Pearl's, Mary's, Aquagrill, or...?

SF Chowhound looking for a decent seafood restaurant with a main emphasis on raw oysters and raw littlenecks, but would also welcome a place that has more unusual selections as well (langoustines, whole sea urchin, cockles etc.). We're NOT looking for a white tablecloth place, unless the selection of exotic shellfish warrants the splurge. Right now I'm looking at Pearl's, Mary's, or Aquagrill (which seems to have more choices for shellfish if the online menus are correct?), but would certainly welcome any other choices. Thanks much!

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  1. im not too positive but marys and pearl's usually only have 1-2 types of oysters at any given time.

    for selection in a setting you requested, try shaffer city or the bar at grand central oyster bar.

    aquagrill and fresh are my favorite pure seafood may want to look into fresh in tribeca as well.

    1. Aquagrill and Shaffer's (formerly known as Shaffer City) are best for just oysters. Both are pretty casual. For more exotic stuff, it's a little more difficult as it depends on fish markets, etc. and what's fresh. I believe Aquagrill usually has periwinkles. For uni, I typically go to a Japanese place for that (Kanoyama had some great baby abalone a while back, Lan on occasion gets them too).

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        I'd go with Aquagrill (grab a seat at 5) ... sit at the bar ... kick back.
        The periwinkles make a great bar snack ... there are other notable "gnoshes" here.
        Ask Tracy.

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          Agreed, Aquagrill and Shaffer City are the best oyster bars in the city for oysters, period.

        2. Aquagrill's is very nice when I went they did have periwinkles. Fresh is a very good seafood restaurant but I don't know what their raw bar is like. I was surprised with Bar American's selection of fun seafood "cocktails" with conch, and razor clams. Shaffer City has a good selection of oysters.

          1. Pearl and Mary's are not about the large selection of shellfish....just one or two selections of very high received good suggestions above...I like Aquagrill myself, its particularly pleasant at off hours...

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              Thanks all, for the feedback. Kathryn, we're hitting Yasuda when we're there so perhaps we'll get our uni fix! Looks like Aquagrill is the front-runner but I'll do some more research on Bar American and Shaffer too.

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                Yasuda has always had the most amazing uni. Enjoy!

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                  The Peace Passage oysters at Yasuda are also wonderful.

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