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Sep 3, 2008 09:41 AM

Frozen you 'Doctor' yours up?

I find that adding some fresh garlic, serrano chiles and extra jack cheese and cook that bad boy up, my blah frozen pizza turns into a thing of beauty..
What do you add to your frozen pizza?

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  1. I'll drizzle some evoo over the whole thing, and especially the edges. Also, hot giardiniera is a must along with fresh ground black pepper.

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      To a plain cheese pizza I add oregano, sometimes, yellow banna peppers, mushrooms, green peppers.

    2. I add this wonderful seasoning called Garli Garni, which is a sort of spicy garlic blend, so first I sprinkle that on. Then I add some black olives, real bacon bits, some garlic butter sauce, and extra cheese. If I am sharing with my DH I leave off the olives and add pepperoni slices. Oh, and if I have some fresh basil I like to finely chop that and sprinkle all over, under the cheese. That $1 pizza turns into a worthy pizza to eat!

      If you are curious about the garli garni here is a link. I get the low sodium type.

      1. I'm practically compulsive about this. I always add fresh mushrooms unless life is truly crazy at my house. And ideally some leftover sausage or homemade meatballs. I have been known to bust out some ripe olives as well.

        1. butter garlic on the crust and EXTRA EXTRA CHEEESE!!

          1. My 2 most recent frozen pizza fix-ups have been adding leftover italian sausage and peppers in red sauce that I chopped up. This one was delicious.
            The second involved adding chopped roasted red pepper from a jar, shredded cooked chicken, and cheddar & fontina. This all involved using what we had and they were both delicious.

            Also, I now use Chef Chicklet's trick of oiling and salting the edges for tastier crust bites. Love that.

            Fennel seed goes a long way toward making a frozen pizza tastier,too.