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Sep 3, 2008 09:26 AM

Off the Deck, Atlantic Highlands

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I tried lunch at Off the Deck, which replaced Zio's on the Water in the AH Marina. We were so happy that a new restaurant, which is open on the weekends for lunch (at least for the warm weather months). Just curious to see if anyone has tried it and what their thoughts are. We both are fussy eaters (vegan, husband is vegetarian) so we were limited in what we could get off of the menu. The lunch menu seemed typical (spinach salad with Asian dressing, hamburgers, wraps, lots of fish on the menu). The bar was packed. The waiter tried really hard but it was obvious it was his first day, it took 20 minutes to get salad dressing. Anyway, we'll try it again but are wondering based on other opinions if it would be worth it. The bill came to around 22.00 for a salad and mozzarella sticks + drinks. The salad was fresh but it was just spinach with some onions and shredded carrots.

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  1. We also tried it several weeks ago for dinner. There were four of us and we chose to dine outside since it was a nice evening. The server left a lot to be desired. She unfortunatley, was not very attentive for refills on our drinks and also got the side orders confused on two of the dinners. Instead of taking the enitre dinner back to keep it warm so that it could be served in it's entirety, she left the main course behind and by the time she brought out the correct side dish, both my DH and his friend where finished. I can't recall exactly what everyone had but two of us ordered a pasta dish with chicken in some sort of cream sauce. It was not bad but also not memorable. I think if you stick to the basics there (appies and sandwiches and possibly salads) you are better off. However, my biggest complaint is that because they allow smoking, I felt like I was dining in an ashtray. Next time (if there is one) I guess I will have to miss out on the the lovely evening and stay inside to avoid this.

    1. I have only been there for drinks and appetizers at the bar on a weeknight. Basic nachos and wings. The view at sunset was pretty incredible--it was worth it to be there just to see that.

      1. I tried this place out for lunch yesterday for the first time. When I arrived the waitress was going to seat in me in the sunny area but all the tables were taken. I took a table under the shade but was freezing. Shortly thereafter, she was able to move me to the sunny area when a table left. Very accommodating.

        I had the roasted clams for an app and the crab cake sandwich. The clams were good, no grit, served with lemon wedges and butter. Simple, basic, and good. The crab cake sandwich was served with homemade potato chips and tarter sauce. The chips were ok, but I wasn't really interested in them. The roll the sandwich was served on was great, more of a brioche type roll. The crab cake had good crab meat to filling ratio. I could see and taste the crab meat. It was just slightly greasy but overall a good crab cake.

        It has a great location overlooking the marina. I would definitely return here. Like others said, stick to the basics. It's a pretty simple menu, nothing to adventureous.