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Sep 3, 2008 09:12 AM

Quiet but trendy and good food for foodie grandma's birthday

I am in charge of planning my grandmother's 85th birthday party. She is a very hip 85 year old but both she and my grandfather have a hard time hearing in loud, crowded restaurants. There will be about 10-12 people so if a restaurant has a private room.. that may work for the quiet factor but I am open to any suggestons. I am looking for something in Santa Monica, Brentwood, Culver city, most of West LA, Bev Hills, West Hollywood areas.

I am trying to find somewhere they have never been because they are big foodies and this is the first time ive been given the job to plan so I want to show them a good time. Their favorite restaurants are La Cachette, Katsuya, Lawry's, the Grill, Hamasaku, Dante's.

A few ideas I've had are the following:
Il Grano
Pace (in hollywood hills)
Fogo de Chao
Penthouse at the Huntley

any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. of all of the ideas -- ive only been to Sofi and Fogo de Chao so I cant comment on the quality and atmosphere at the others.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I don't think that Fogo de Chao is very trendy, the food certainly isn't cutting edge but rather traditional.

    Whist would be good on a Su-Wed night but other nights it gets very popular and loud. Likewise for the Penthouse but even when it isn't as crowded as the weekends, they can have loud trendy music playing.

    I would suggest Ortolan which is quite expensive but very much a new trendy restaurant. For some reason it isn't packed every night. I send guests there last Saturday and it was empty at 7:00 pm. Another Chowhounder reviewed it last week with a detailed review and photos. I wouldn't hold it against them that they aren't that busy.

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      Ortolan is a great suggestion and has a lovely semi-private area just to the left as you walk in. Melisse, Valentino and Vincenti also have nice private rooms which might work well.

    2. Somehow I don't see quiet and trendy going hand in hand. For a relatively quiet and elegant ambiance, and absolutely delicious food, I'd recommend Josie.

      1. definitely skip Penthouse.

        Wilshire might be a good option.

        Anisette is new and a bit trendy.

        Not as nice as the others, but might they enjoy Musha, and you've got a private room there.

        I also am a big fan of Pane e Vino's back patio, as a nice ambience, but probably not trendy or new enough for you.

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        1. re: Emme

          wilshire's patio is relatively quiet, the food is definitely good, and it is trendy; i second this recommendation.

          fraiche is absolutely NOT quiet.
          i went to il grano once and had a poor experience with their tasting menu, so i may be the one person on the board who is not a fan of this restaurant.

        2. I'd check out Grace -- food and ambience seem to be just what you're looking for, and they have a semi-private room that might fit the bill. I also agree with the Josie recommendation.

          1. Gordon Ramsay has four private rooms. In the general non-private dining area, when I was there, the noise level was medium, several notches above the noise level at La Cachette, measuring both restaurants when they were pretty full.

            GR is trendy since it's new and has the splashy tv association, and it's got that, uh, interesting decor. Food is fine, solid enough. Some people have liked it a lot more than I did.