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Sep 3, 2008 09:03 AM

Tableside Fish De-Boning?

I was at Spezie a couple weeks ago, and I *think* I saw a waiter de-bone a fish for a customer.

Is this common in DC? Fine Dining?

Who else offers this?


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  1. At a spanish restaurant, my friend's fish baked in salt was deboned, at his request, although I prefer the salt crust on the fish. At Renato's (italian restaurant) in Potomac, whole fish is regularly deboned at the diner's request, after presentation.

    1. Tosca did it for me once with some Dover sole. It was by far the best fish I have ever had.

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      1. re: debit

        At Komi, they de-boned a salted rockfish for me (beside the table.)

      2. D'Acqua, downtown DC does a beautiful presentation. I had Orata and Rockfish this weekend, both were baked in salt and de-boned tableside. Served with olive oil, lemon and a simple arugula salad. lovely.

        1. It's a fine dining option for the customer. Some people who are adept at deboning their own fish won't require the service.

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            Yeah, I had it done at Black Olive in Baltimore, and they butchered it. I had a bone in every bite which totally skewed my opinion on dining there.

          2. Bangkok 54 on Columbia Pike in Arlington does this as well. I was a bit surprised, but they do a good job of it.