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Sep 3, 2008 08:24 AM

horrible eperience Wharf Tavern, Bristol, RI

yes I'm angry and u might have read this on other forums --for those who have not seen reivew: Summer 08 w/group- visit-- asked server reason why larger lobster charbroiled was priced lower than steamed smaller lobster --- server came back and said there was mistake on menu and we must pay higher price...alleged manager came over, with even ruder side boy(asst manger?) who stated they would never put adjustment or menu or put MP and they insist we pay higher price for larger lobster and indeed there was another item on menu with incorrect pricing-same policy...we were angered to no end, AND literally they became angry at us --a few ordered the lobsters which were good which meant they were Delicious to begin , correctly sized, not overcooked, otherwise almost everything else was putrid..the clams left the chowder before being served in the dishwater soup, the swordfish which was mentioned as fresh was tough, thin, and doused in sauce...everything was not good, and top off, they were angry at US!!!!

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  1. wharf tavern is in warren not bristol,thanks.bristol would never let that happen to you.

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      Let's not take one bad experience and base it on the whole town. Warren is also a wonderful place with a lot of other great eating establishments.

    2. But you ate there anyway - whether or not you were irritated by their pricing, yes? And not only did you eat there, you apparently ordered - and enjoyed - the very items you were complaining about in pricing. One would surmise you might be much more irritated over paying for food you hadn't enjoyed, rather than complaining about the prices of that which you appreciated.

      1. The Wharf Tavern is an embarressment to all of us who live here in Warren. It was never what you'd call a great place but at least used to be good for what it did. Now, well, you found out the hard way. Next time you are in the area go right across Water Street to Stella Blues. MUCH better! Just don't park in the Wharf parking lot - they'll have your car towed, good neighbors that they are!

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          I attended a private function there at Christmas time.
          On the way in I held the door for a nice young lady. She approached the hostess station and asked if she could fill out a job application. The "lady" working there was amazingly rude to her right in front of me, an obvious customer.
          When the food came out the shrimp cocktails ordered were not there and the
          restaurant staff insisted they had not been ordered. I guess they had not read their own fax confirming the menu for our function.
          This is a good restaurant to avoid. If it's raining and you insist on going here wear shoes that won't get ruined in the muddy parking lot.

          1. re: elgato

            TWT was bought about two years ago by a gentleman who previously owned a Portuguese restaurant in the Fall River/New Bedford area. From June 2006 - March 07, I had booked a series of parties there - Graduation, 50th Bday, 40th Bday, 75th Bday and 80th Bday - for their Sunday brunch, after having some great dinners there previously. The food had been very good at all times, and the prices very reasonable...especially when dealing with parties of a dozen or more. Service/management has much to be desired.

            I have learned the way to have any type of function there is to be on top of them at all times, through phone calls or in person (if available to you). I take names of everyone I deal with, and write down what we discussed followed by a fax to that person. When I didn't do that the first couple of times, things were a bit disorganized (but the price and food convinced me to book other events there later on).

            The owner, quite frankly, seems unappreciative of the business he has gotten there through returning customers. (He saw me 5 times within nine months with big parties - never greeted me or said 'thanks' - very poor, IMO). The 'event manager' was different each time I went there. The staff seems disinterested and unhappy each time we were there (though an older waitress did become 'our regular' by the third event and worked better by knowing what I expected).

            I haven't returned again since March, 2007 - I think I wore out my enjoyment of the place. If I should do any event in the future, I would probably call Stella Blues across the street. The staff seems much happier there.

          2. re: bustopher

            Never was a great place? You obviously weren't around when Ed and Louise ran it, Gert was the hostess and Elmer was the bartender. Louise made all the desserts herself every day - nothing on that dessert menu came from outside her personal kitchen. Of course, I"m referring to a time when the lobster dinners were about five dollars and the building was half its present size.

            1. re: parmelia

              Can you help me fulfill a dying wish for my friend? We went to Wharf Tavern a couple of years ago, before it was sold I think, and had lobster crepes. She wants to taste those one more time. First, do you know who the chef was at that time or where he/she now works? Or do you know any place with lobster or seafood crepes on the menu? Thank you very much. Lyn

              Wharf Tavern
              215 Water St, Warren, RI 02885

          3. Next time, go to Bristol. We had a lovely dinner at DeWolf Tavern last June.

            1. Learn to spell and know where you are.

              Have been eating there since probably 1961, have seen many owners and managers come and go, but have never had a less than excellent meal. Relaxing atmosphere and picturesque location.

              My only beef: a singer and piano are nice, but NOT right near the dining area. People come to eat and converse, not be entertained. l