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Sep 3, 2008 07:41 AM

Any good Virginia/Maryland vineyards?

I'd like to organize a vineyard tour with a couple friends, but the vineyards I've tried in Virginia have been hit or miss.

Have you had any delicious wine from Virginia (or Maryland)?

Is there a vineyard you would recommend?

As a reference: I've really liked the wines at Unicorn Winery (Amissville), and not been a big fan of Pearmund or some of the other vineyards that do corporate-style tastings.

Thanks for the tips!


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  1. You may wanto to try the MD Wine Festival since it's in a week or two

    1. I encourage a look-see at Barboursville Vineyards, a little north of Charlottesville. Pleasant range of new wines, pretty setting, tasting menu at the restaurant, and rooms in the 1804 Inn, in case the wine suits you...

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        totally agree w/ barboursville. Other great charlottesville area picks are: Kluge, Keswick, DeFosse, Veritas. Good: Burnley, Horton, King. In NOVA, the best are Linden, Naked Mountain, Three Foxes. Swedenberg ok.

        You can get on any number of VA winery websites for more info. Being the 5th largest wine producing state means there should be something for every wine drinker!

      2. Another strong recommendation for Barboursville. And have you tried Tarara, north of Leesburg?

        1. KLUGE has a nice line up of wine,also near Charlottesville.

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            Actually it's NORTON and not horton. Horton vineyards was the first to introduce it.

          2. Chrysalis (east of Middleburg) on Rte 50 makes a delicious Viognier. They are also known for their Horton (famous native Virginia red grape) but I haven't tried it.

            Willowcroft (south of Leesburg off Rte 15) makes a nice Riesling. I'm not big on their Chardonnay (actually, not big on many VA chards).

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              Second the Viognier at Chysalis. A very nice wine. I've tried the Horton and wasn't impressed enough to buy a bottle.

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                oops.. I posted in the wrong spot. Beaux vineyards kicks butt as well.

                Actually it's NORTON and not horton. Horton vineyards was the first to introduce it.

                  1. re: chriscatva

                    I hate to say it, but I did not enjoy a single wine at Breaux. My visit there was several years ago, so of course the quality could have changed since then.