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New wine bar on Union....Bussaco

Looks like the Tea Lounge is obtaining a new neighbor. A new wine bar is opening up almost next door on Union close to 7th ave. Scott Carney who assisted with Gotham Bar and Grill is opening it up.. Anyone been yet?

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  1. this is from the NY Times today: "BUSSACO Scott Carney, a master sommelier who has managed Gotham Bar & Grill, the Tonic and many other places, is opening this new wine bar, with a first growth not just in the bottle, but also in the oak of a communal table made from a tree that came down in Prospect Park. The American food will be by the chef Matthew Schaefer. Above, his Hawaiian prawns: 833 Union Street, (Seventh Avenue), Park Slope, Brooklyn, (718) 857-8828. Sept. 26."

    1. Has this opened yet? Anyone been?

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        From Brownstoner.com (10/1/08):

        Coming Soon: Bussaco
        833 Union Street at Seventh Avenue, Park Slope; (718) 857-8828
        The NY Times says it's set to open on Friday, and Time Out New York offers some details: "Sommelier-turned-restaurateur Scott Carney (Gotham Bar & Grill) brings a bistro embellished with homegrown oak salvaged from Prospect Park to the Slope. Matthew Schaefer (Le Bernardin) is in the kitchen, turning out entrées including slow-roasted pork with hominy succotash."

        So, look for a soft opening on Friday. As with any new place, give it a little while to hit its stride. The credentials of those involved are impressive. The question is: does the Slope need yet another restaurant like this? And will it survive in this economic environment?

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          yeah, opens tomorrow. Met the chef and owners, really nice people. They served the pretzels at the free food fest which are enough to get me there even if it is just for a drink. Looking forward to it.

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            "...does the Slope need yet another restaurant like this? And will it survive in this economic environment?"

            Unfortunately you can ask this same questions on myriad restaurants in the Slope and elsewhere.

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              Honestly, if someone else wants to put their money on the line, I'm not going to complain about having another choice. If the food is good, it will do well. I have no interest in creating buzz (because it just means its harder for me to get a table-ie 45 minute waits at Al di la). I just get bored with the same options even if there are a lot of them, so its nice to get something new without having to treck into the city.

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                If the food is good, it will do well.

                Agreed. But, at some point, don't we reach saturation? The denominator, despite all the building going on in the neighborhood, is limited. So, each new place is fighting to fill tables in the midst of an economic crisis. You gotta believe that even in the high-flying Slope, people are going to be more cautious about dropping $200 on dinner and drinks. I wish this guy luck and hope it is truly distinctive, but I'm glad it's his money on the line and not mine.

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              Good question. Certainly the economic considerations of any restaurateur are great, especially when we've had these two horrible weeks in the market. However, it doesn't seem like business is slowing down at all for the other places in the Slope that aspire to this market. Doesn't matter what time of the day or week it is -- every time I walk by Al Di La and Blue Ribbon, they're PACKED. Has anyone -not- seen the same thing recently?

              I got a sneak peek at the menu and it looks like the prices at Bussaco are lower than their counterparts in the neighborhood. And from the looks of the menu, the food will certainly rival the other great places in the Slope -- can't wait to go try it out this weekend. I'm sure the wine list will be fantastic too.

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                I got a sneak peek at the menu and it looks like the prices at Bussaco are lower than their counterparts in the neighborhood. And from the looks of the menu, the food will certainly rival the other great places in the Slope -- can't wait to go try it out this weekend. I'm sure the wine list will be fantastic too.

                watch out...or you'll end up on eater.com as a shill-of-the-day!
                i haven't seen the menu, but expectations should be high, given the lineage of those involved (Gotham/LeBernardin). I think it could be exciting.

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                  I went on Friday to check it out and while I didn't have a full meal it was enjoyable and I plan to go back. The place is spacious and there is a huge entrance way. The bar is gorgeous and where I sat an snacked on the "freshest mozzarella" plate, a rather delicious interpretation of tomatoes, basil and mozzarella. Wine is priced between $7-11 a glass and the restaurant prices are similar to that of James, Rosewater and Flatbush Farm with entrees in between $18-28. I'll be back and I hear their bar menu, complete with lobster rolls and burgers will be up in a few weeks. My only gripe, they didn't have those pretzel nuggets from the freed food fest a few weeks back! Oh well.I'll make it back soon to try more out I'm sure.


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                    I went on Saturday and also tried the mozzarella to start -- you're right, it was really nicely done. For mains, I had the pork / hominy succotash and my friend had the sweet potato tortellini with maitake mushrooms and brown butter. The pork was fantastic and the hominy was a really interesting pairing -- the tortellini portion size seemed too small, but was complex and flavorful.

                    We tried the caramel apple bread pudding for dessert and it was enjoyable -- especially the homemade vanilla ice cream.

                    I think the pretzel nuggets are supposed to be on the bar menu when it comes?

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                      On "Slice" website Bussaco is mentioned as one of the few places in NYC to get a clam pizza:


                      I looked at Bussaco's menu online and didn't notice any mention of pizza (clam or otherwise). Do they have clam pizza? Has anyone tried it?

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                        they just opened so the menu isn't all up yet. They have a bar menu coming out and I'm guessing that's where the pizza will be. Should be out this week.

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                          Manila Clam Pizza ($10): six whole manila clams in their shells atop a nicely garlicky pie with fresh herbs, coarsely grated cheese and salt. Watch for a review on slice soon. Didn't notice Ray Davies, or any other "Kinks" tonight.
                          Plenty of servers, attentive service.

            3. I went last night with two friends (one of whom is from a NYC restaurant "family") and thought the food and wine were delicious. Especially memorable were the octopus, salmon tartare (both apps) and the beef/sweetbreads entrees. Portions are not super generous, but since I'm trying to do a portion-control diet, they were fine. Without tip, and with about seven glasses of wine and two desserts, the bill was about $160, but I really felt it was good value since everything was so fresh and tasty. It wasn't crowded and service was very good.

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                A $160 check for all the trappings mentioned sounds pretty damn reasonable..
                Busacco here I come!!!( In a month or so)
                thanks Susan.

              2. Read a short review of this place recently. I'll give it a month or so to work out its Kinks, and i'll give it a try.
                Of course you can have dinner and wine @ Bussaco and then follow that up with Chocolate and more wine @ "The Chocolate Room"..
                I don't live in the slope,. but a lot of my hard earned dollars are spent there on food. And its all worth it.

                1. I rarely venture out of my nabe (LES) but I offered to travel to Park Slope for a pal who usually comes in to see me. She knows her wine and wanted to try Busssaco. The wine was fine, and the food was outstanding. I appreciate the portion control, and the 2 of us had plenty to eat; we split everything, starting with a soft cooked egg on frissee with cubes of ham. Perfectly cooked egg, wonderful with the salty ham and bitter greens. My pal is not a big octopus fan, but she even took a second taste--it was tender and smokey. In return she got most of the quail, which means I only got a taste---it's a quail, after all---we probably should have ordered two of those. What I really liked was the squash tortellini with mushrooms---every bite tasted slightly different. But my favorite part was the 3 types of bread: an olive bread, a baguette type, and a slightly sweet bread. Made me glad for the not overwhelming portions.

                  1. Went on 10/5 the second day they were open for dinner. It was still under construction but looking forward to going back when they are running at full steam. Shows promice. Interesting and inventive menu. We had a good sevrice but were about the only ones there (6:30 on Saturday). The wine list was small but outstanding without the incredible markups that are found at some other restaurants. We were told the list would soon be expanding significantly. Give it a shot and post your experience.

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                      Ate there recently with some friends. The room looks great and the service was attentive and friendly (though the busboy, who looked like he was about 14, cleared our bread dishes before we were finished with them). I really enjoyed perusing the wine list and speaking with the wine director, who offered helpful advice with our with our wine selection. As for the food --- well, some of the dishes, like the aforementioned octopus, as well as the salmon tartare, were excellent. However, my main course of sea bass with clams was a serious let down. The dish was bland - in fact, almost completely flavorless. I'm hoping this was just an early slip up in the kitchen, because I agree that the place shows great promise. I'm looking forward to trying it out again, after they've had a little more time to pull things together.

                    2. Went to Bussaco this weekend, and thought it was nice, nothing more. Service was lovely--busboys, door people, back waiters. Although our waiter was nuthin special. Food---fine, and unlike other posters, I thought it was overpriced, not because of quantity, but because appetizers are mainly over 12$, and entrees are in the mid 20$(w/a couple of exceptions). I started with the octopus. The flavors were simple and good, but there wasn't enough oil to offset the dry/tough texture of the octopus, so that you ended up with a mouthful of almost woody pulp. And I like octopus. The pork was also decent, but no better or really different than the pork that I get at the corner restaurant for 4.99$. Liked that crispy skin though. Husband's striped bass with manila clams was kind of blah, mozzarella appetizer was delicious and unusual, although the cheese itself had a slightly dry film---maybe it had sat out waiting for other appetizers. Bread is fantastic. Maybe a restaurant needs to charge those prices in order to serve food made with decent ingredients, but I think the pork should have been 17$, and the octopus 9$, and in general, after tasting my table's food, think that everything was 4-5$ off. I'd rather cook similar food at home, or eat at a cheaper place that takes itself less seriously.

                      1. Tried Bussaco for the first time on Sunday night. The space is beautiful and the staff friendly and competent. We had a pretty long wait for our appetizers, but I'm willing to cut the kitchen some slack in the first few weeks of operation. As for food, the octopus and the fresh mozzarella were both wonderful; I thought the octopus was tender and tasty, and the mozzarella beautifully complemented by squash and pecans (or possibly walnuts). I had the clam pizza from the bar menu and it was very nice -- the flavors were quite good, although the crust was a little thicker than I had anticipated. My SO had the sweet potato tortellini, which was great autumn dish -- the mushrooms were a nice complement to the squash. We also had a glass each of a Gruner Veltliner that suited nicely. We'll definitely be back, although maybe in a few weeks to let them get the timing issues corrected.

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                          We went to Bussaco last night. The "freshest mozzarella" appetizer was delicious, and I loved the bread. But I thought the entrees were on the expensive side, I wish they had more options for less money. I ended up ordering the burger- which came with absolutely delicious pickles. Got the panna cotta for dessert- which was OK. I love the fact that the wines come in half-pours! Service was excellent. I would go back- but sit at the bar and order off the bar menu.

                        2. To anyone who has been....how is the parking? I'm a Staten Islander and it would be faster for me to just drive. But the only thing that is holding me back is the unknown availability of parking around the area. Help!

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                            Finding parking in central Park Slope is not impossible, but sometimes can seem so. Summer weekends are a good time to visit.

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                              i think there is a garage right across the street.
                              not sure about $$ though.

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                                Depends what time and when you are going. I drove there on a friday night and parked about a half block away. Lots of street parking. Might not be so much available on a sat night.