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Sep 3, 2008 07:11 AM

My Girls Birthday this Weekend (need some suggestions)

It's my girls 25th birthday this weekend i need some suggestions for places to bring her to eat
they dont have to fancy schmancy or 5 stars (we like casual dress) just looking for some great food shell enjoy. We're closer to Providence but she'd probably prefer Boston but good suggestions in either city would be great. If you could post links to possible menu's it would be fantastic. She can be a bit picky so ill say right now she hates seafood so well try and steer away from that.

thanks for any help you can give i appreciate it and im sure she wil too.

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  1. I'm not from the area, but, ironically, my husband took me to Dali on my 26th birthday with some friends. We had an awesome time and it is definitely not stuffy. The sangria is great and they do tapas so you can sample some of everything (if you want some seafood and she doesn't). I think they have other locations so search their web site a bit.

    1. We really enjoyed Sibling Rivelry in Boston, very upbeat young crowd - the menu is very creative (two brothers fighting over the dishes to present using the same main ingredient). Ya have to see it:

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        ive heard of this place thanks!
        and thanks for your suggestions hea/lex if you guys got any more im open to hear em.