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Parve soy yogurt (lemon flavored)

Does anyone know of a soy yogurt that has reliable certification. I am familiar with the Whole Soy and Co brand that they sell at Whole Foods but not clear on their hechsher.
I appreciate any information.

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  1. Susie,

    The rabbi who provides the hechscher is Rabbi Jacob Traub. He seems to be associated with some legitimate sources.

    1. it is kosher by Orthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco Rabbi Traub
      1851 Noriega Street, P.O. Box 22491, San Francisco, CA 94122
      415-564-5665, Fax: 415-665-0394

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        trader joes has pareve yogurts unsure of the flavors/heckshers. there is a blog http://yogblogusa.blogspot.com/index.... that is all things yogurt and she may have leads for you too

      2. Wow is this the real Susie Fishbein? I can't believe you read chowhound! If yes, I just wanted to tell you how much your cookbooks have done for me. I never knew the first thing about hosting or cooking (didn't grow up frum and my family didn't entertain much) but always have relied on you to show me how to put out a great spread for my guests. Thanks.

        1. We're not supposed to talk about various hechsherim here, as far as I understand it, so I realize this whole thread might be censored, but I have asked a well-respected OU kashrut rabbi about all the hechsherim I've ever seen on any yogurt that calls itself parve and been told that none of them are good. However, I was also told that the Scroll-K DE (the one from Denver) is good, so I have used Silk brand soy yogurt for desserts to be served AFTER a bisari meal, but of course halacha forbids them from being used with meat itself. No tandoori chicken or the like, in other words!

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            the Chicago Rabbinical Council (which is a well known and well respected agency) considers the scroll-K to be legit.

            I have found the above list to be extremely helpful.

          2. It's hard to find a soy or coconut milk yogurt that is pareve (I could only find DE) which bothers me like crazy.

            1. There is, to my knowledge, only one brand of soy yogurt that has a pareve designation; it is the Wildwood brand. (It's certified by the OU.) I don't think it's available in lemon flavor, but you could always "spike" the plain with lemon extract...

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                Trader Joe's has pareve yogurt in various flavors (not sure lemon).

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                      I can't quite make it out, but based on the Trader Joe's list of hechshers they carry (http://www.traderjoes.com/attachments...), it looks like it's probably the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco, an organization with which I am not familiar. It's a square with a big K in it and some little letters to the right?

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                          FWIW: Orthodox Rabbinical of San Francisco. The Chairman, Rabbi Jacob Traub, received semicha from Mesivta Torah Vodaas. He joined the Council at its inception in 1971.

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                    wow finally a vegan yogurt that's actually pareve!
                    Also no sugar. Really important because I want to make indian marinades for meat (and maybe it would be good for southern fried chicken).

                  2. Update to this thread: my husband recently brought home a container of the Whole Soy and Co. brand yogurt. He bought it at Wasserman's grocery on Main St. in Queens, which is under the (very reliable) Vaad of Queens. I don't think it necessarily means the KORC hechsher is now more reliable, but probably that on this product it's good. It might make more fleishig recipes now try-able, though I'm not sure if they have a "plain" flavor available.

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                      Wildwood brand is excellent. Tofutti Better than Sour Cream sometimes works well as a substitute for yogurt too. Both can be spiked with flavor. I live on the West Coast, and the status of the product in question is not unilaterally endorsed so you should check with your local Rav before use.

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                        I would never have bought it on my own, but the Vaad Ha'rabbanim of Queens is highly respected, so the fact that it is now being sold in a grocery that is under the Va'ad means I don't have to ask my Rav. He is a member of the Va'ad and would endorse any kashrut decision they have already made.

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                          I've been cheerfully using the Tofutti products and Better Than Sour Cream as opposed to yogurt as a vegan substitute, that is, until I made the mistake of reading the labels. Both contain partially hydrogenated oils. I tried to avoid these like the plague. As far as I know, there's no substitute for the Tofutti cream cheese, but I'll be making my own tofu sour cream, quick, easy and free of those nasty partially hydrogenated oils. We find the Wildwood and Soy Co. yogurts both reliable and tasty here in Berkeley. We use the unflavored almost exclusively.

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                            Actually, you're wrong that there is no sub for the cream cheese. Tofutti makes versions of both their cream cheese and their sour cream WITHOUT partially hydrogenated oils/transfats. I use these versions exclusively, even though they are not easy to find.

                            I actually do not understand why they continue to make the transfat versions as well; imagine if Nabisco made both a transfat and non-transfat version of Oreos! Anyway, the transfat-free sour cream comes in a navy blue container, instead of the white container, and confusingly, the transfat-free version of the cream cheese comes in a yellow container, rather than the navy blue container. The problem is that they are not widely available. I have to stock up on my somewhat infrequent trips to stores like Whole Foods and other "health food" places. Luckily, before they are opened, they stay for a long time in the fridge.

                            What surprises me the most is that Trader Joe's only carries the unhealthy, transfat versions. TJ's generally strikes me as the type of place that would prefer to carry somewhat more healthy stuff, but clearly not in this case.

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                          I just discovered that Wasserman's brought it in without the approval of the Vaad of Queens and when the Rabbi came in to make his daily inspections, it was removed.