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Sep 3, 2008 06:19 AM

Birthday Cake Rec- South End/Back Bay

Looking for a place to buy a yummy birthday cake somewhere in the Copley Square/South End.


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  1. There are three places in the South End to get baked goods as far as I know: the South End Buttery, Flour and Aroa. Of the three, I don't think that the Buttery does special order cakes but you may want to double-check. While their baked goods are great, the problem with the Buttery is the hit-or-miss nature of the service--sometimes you get great help otherwise you get uninformed and petulent help (me: "What is that pastry?" counter-person: "It's a chocolate-someting, do you want it or not?").

    Both Flour and Aroa are fabulous and you can't go wrong with either one.

    I know of three bakeries in the Back Bay: the one in the Shaw's supermarket, a cupcake bakery whose name escapes me for the moment but it's on Mass Ave and Finale. Of the three in the Back Bay, Finale is your best bet.

    1. Try Sweet on Mass Ave and Marlborough...It is adorable! They have a website too. Google them!

      1. Flour on Washington St in the South End is wonderful!