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Sep 3, 2008 06:10 AM

AZ Biltmore Area- Good Food and Good Bar Scene

At a conference this week w/ 2 colleagues from out of town. They both want to go somewhere tonight w/ good food and a good bar scene. Some place in the vicinity of the AZ Biltmore.
Last night we went to Olive and Ivy......
Tonight I was thinking Richardson's or Tarbell's.......

I am open to all suggestions........


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  1. Although I have not been myself, you might check out Crush Lounge at Christopher's in the Biltmore Fashion Park. I tried the restaurant and didn't love it, but Crush Lounge looked like a nice bar and a great place to hang out and nosh.

    1. Roaring Fork is always entertaining and the food is great. If cost is a factor, they are still running the all night happy hour, and you can't beat the free jerky at the bar (unless you're with vegetarians)!

      1. Postino isn't too far, and is great.

        Noca is also hopping right now (but might be hard to get a table at the last minute - you could always sit at the community table or the bar).

        1. Also consider the Rokerij for a nice atmosphere, especially in their cellar bar area.

          Christopher's and Crush does actually have both a decent dining and bar scene, not to mention a very attractive atmosphere to show off.

          Maybe dinner at Christopher's, and then a quick stroll under the new pedestrian underpass to Mercbar for some after dinner cocktails? Give these out-of-towners a dose of pedestrian activity : )

          1. I had a very blah dinner sitting at the bar at Crush. Not the same as old Christopher's, too bad.

            NOCA, NOCA, NOCA!!!