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bacon salt: how do you use it?

i just bought some bacon salt, and was wondering what you use it on?


btw, how can it call itself "vegetarian" and "kosher" and be a bacon product?

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  1. Here is a way out thought. Cut tofu into logs. Dust with your new bacon salt and saute.
    I have never used it, but I did a hubbard squash once with salt, white pepper and slices of canadian bacon. I think if you baked it with your bacon salt that might work.

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      thanks old gal, your reply made me edit my op to clarify my query.

      your idea is an interesting one, though. i do like tofu! ;-)

    2. Well, it's not really a bacon product. It's a bacon-flavored product with no real bacon involved, which is how it can be veg & kosher.

      I've sprinkled it over deviled eggs, into mashed potatoes, on buttered popcorn, on grilled potatoes, and into scrambled eggs. To me, it's more of a really smoky salt rather than a bacon substitute. I haven't used it on meats, though. I suppose tofu might be interesting.

      1. My DH surprised me by bringing home 2 bottles of bacon salt last week, one is the original and the other is hickory. The first thing I made were scrambled eggs, with bacon salt and the Kraft cheese powder. I scarfed those down! I have also used it on a baked potato, and I think the next time I make hamburgers I will mix some of it into the meat. I also am thinking about some bacon salt sprinkled into a grilled cheese sandwich. So many possibilities.

        1. I've tried both the original and hickory versions. Experimented by using them in eggs, burgers (beef & turkey) and on some veggies. My orginal thinking was what a great way to infuse some bacony goodness into dishes without adding the fat. Not even close to the flavor I was hoping for. I've found it to be very smokey and has a chemical aftertaste rather than a solid bacon flavor. It's actually more of a smokey season salt, imo. I can see the appeal for vegetarians & I may use it in vegetarian chili or when I have vegan friends over for a meal, but bacon salt is probably not going to be something I will regularly reach for in the pantry.

          1. I'm intrigued by Bacon Salt, it sounds like a delicious idea. I was wondering if some of you that have used it could describe the taste? Does it actually taste like bacon, or does it taste more like smoke, which reminds you of bacon?

            I love the idea of adding a bacon taste to dishes, without adding bacon -- but I'm hesitant to try it, because I'm not a fan of liquid smoke, which is how I image it might taste. Thanks!

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              sort of smells like bac-os. i've only used it once, on eggs, but wasn't crazy about it. i need to try it again, in something else (grits?). it wasn't cheap.

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                I think that the original tastes more like bacon, and the hickory has more of the liquid smoke flavor. I recently bought the peppered flavor and I really like that the best. I have used one or another in noodles, soups, sprinkled on steak (the peppered or hickory was best), on cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich, mixed into cottage cheese (original only), on top of mac and cheese, beans (any of them for beans), cheese grits, and I keep experimenting! I am a big fan, but just a dab will do you! You can use too much, so you have to beware.

                1. re: danhole

                  Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for. I'll try the orig & peppered.

              2. I think it would be interesting to use in salad dressing in place of regular salt....along the lines of a bacon vinaigarette or bacon-ranch dressing.

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                1. re: Mellicita

                  That's a good idea. I also wonder how it would work in a marinade. I'll have to try that. Maybe on chicken.

                2. You could grill or roast some asparagus, broccoli or some other veggies and sprinkle the salt over it. Maybe even try it on scallops if you seared them.

                  1. Forget this fake bacon crap and get yourself some Japanese smoked sea salt -- absolutely fabulous!

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                      1. re: alkapal

                        The Japanese salt is an artisinal product, with a deep, complex smoke flavor. It's truly wonderful.

                        1. re: pikawicca

                          pika, do you have a particular one to recommend?

                    1. Not veggie, not kosher, but I'll bet lot's of money that this product (see link) tastes a whole lot better than any of these mentioned.

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                      1. re: harryharry

                        love the name! "lot's wyfe"! haha.
                        and harrysquared, i'll bet you are right. ;-).

                      2. I've used it so far on popcorn (in conjunction with Cabot cheese powder), mashed potatoes, and on a sadly overcooked steak (new oven and we haven't quite figured out the broiler's personality yet). Not bad at all, but a little goes a long way. We also appreciate the surprising fact that it's relatively low sodium.

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                          great rockycat, cabot cheese powder. https://www.shopcabot.com/pages/produ...

                          ANOther thing i have to buy! ;-).

                        2. i just tried clarkafella's suggestion (on my turkey sandwich thread): bacon salt on turkey with mayo and white bread. indeed, truly outstanding.

                          i can imagine a turkey "club" sandwich without the guilt of actual bacon, but with the flavor.

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                            It really i great on those, isn't it? I hate that I read this thread though- I purchased the original (which I've been using), the hickory (which I haven't opened yet), and now I find out that the peppered is supposed to be the best. Looks like another trip to the store....

                          2. I was looking at the bacon salt website and found all these recipes that they have on their blog. scroll to the bottom of the page:


                            Some are going to have to be cooked soon. Oh and they have some new limited edition flavors as well, such as maple, applewood, jalapeno, and more.

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                            1. has anyone tried the "natural" variety yet?

                              1. looky looky looky: baconnaise!!!!! http://www.bigredkitchen.com/2008/12/...

                                are they ALL conspiring to turn me into a macy's parade blimp!?!

                                1. Popcorn for sure, but I also use it as an ingredient in my dry rub for ribs. Bacon on pork...why not?