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In search of fresh bluefish

any hounds know of a good fish market in the brighton/watertown/metrowest area that's got bluefish ? thanks in advance for your replies.

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  1. They had it at Whole Foods in medford the other day when I was there.

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      I saw them at the Alewife WF last Sunday.

    2. The fish lady at the Brookline farmer's market (Thursdays, opens @ 1:30pm, shop early because she does run out!) has bluefish that is hard to beat for quality, for $8/lb.

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      1. I get it whenever I see it in Roche Bros in Burlington. The fishmonger there told me that the reason it isn't carried more regularly at fish counters is that it spoils more quickly than other fish.

        1. I have a questions about the bluefish in the markets here. I have only had blue fish at home when I have caught it- and really did not care for it. WE do catch small ones, however, every year in NC and they are wonderful on the grill. Is the blus fish bought in the boson area srtong and oily ( that is what the ones we caught when we fished from Newburyport tasted like. TIA

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            The bluefish in the markets in late summer are larger and more mature fish.

            When I catch bluefish, I cut a slash behind the gills while the fish is alive...and let it bleed out before icing it. It pumps out a lot of the oil and the flesh is pure white..with very little blood line. Most commercial/store bought bluefish isn't handled this way.

            The smaller ones (caught here in late spring/early summer) and what you're catching in NC are smaller, younger fish that haven't fully developed the stronger,oily taste.

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              Thanks for the info. I guess the ones we caught here were not handled they way you described, either. May just have to try some, though.

          2. They had bluefish at the Super 88 in Malden yesterday. I don't know anything about buying fresh fish, sadly so I can't attest to how it looked. I'm not sure if they had any live in the tanks. They might have it at Super 88 in Brighton.

            1. In reading about the best fish to buy I came across a statement at the Monterey Bay Aquarium site that the "Environmental Defense Fund has issued a health advisory for bluefish due to high levels of PCBs, mercury and pesticides."


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                "Environmental Defense Fund has issued a health advisory for bluefish due to high levels of PCBs, mercury and pesticides."

                i don't think this is a big deal if you only have a few servings every summer. they have been saying the same thing about sushi tuna for a while now.

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                  Scubasteve is spot-on, especially if you stick with the smaller chopper-size fillets.


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                    Yes, I think you're both right...as usual! Small portions, infrequently. I do love the taste.....

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                      Hey you can't turn our heads that easily Gio, after all, we're Men!


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                        LOL Harp! I wouldn't Think of it....

                2. My local Market Basket (Southern New Hampshire) is always willing to order blue fish for me. I've been very pleased with the quality and the price (around $5.99/lb). Don't know if MB offers this service in Metro Boston stores, but definintely worth asking.