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Sep 3, 2008 03:32 AM

Hudson Super Buffet Hudson MA.

Yesterday I went to the Hudson Super Buffet for lunch. I went peach picking in Stow MA. so Hudson wasn't that far away. When I walked into HSB I was like a kid in a candy store. There must have been around 100 different items on 7 buffet islands. All I could say was wow! I didn't know what to start trying because of the variety of items. They had 3 different soups available; egg drop, hot&sour and wonton. I tried their hot&sour soup. It was indeed hot&sour and hot enough that I started to sweat. I had about half of the soup and left the rest. I tried their egg rolls, bourbon chicken, salt&pepper shrimp, spare ribs, honey chicken, chicken fingers, chicken wings, mongolian beef and a stuffed clam. I liked their boubon chicken, spare ribs, chicken fingers, salt&pepper shrimp and stuffed clam the best. Their chicken fingers were very fresh, fried to a golden brown and not greasy/oily. They also had sushi, a large dessert island and 12 flavors of ice cream. The biggest surprise was that the lunch buffet is only $7.25 a person! They could have charged well over $15 for all that food. The employees were very friendly and they kept re-filling the items in the buffet. If I'm back in that area again I will definately return to HSB.

Hudson Super Buffet
167 Broad St, Hudson, MA 01749

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  1. A couple of people recommended this place to me last year and I gave it a shot. I've never found any "super" buffet place with a zillion items that I completely enjoyed because there are just too many dishes for them to all be good. I found this place was pretty much like other warehouse buffets I've been to. The "chinese" items were all pretty good, like the rangoons, chicken fingers, wings, etc. The rest of the items I thought all tasted pretty much the same, like they were cooked in the same pan. And like most buffets that offer sushi, their stuff looked like it had been scraped off the bottom of a boot. I agree that the service was really good, the place was clean and the price was definitely right. I think overall, for what it is, its not too bad.

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      When i go , its only for dinner and i basically only eat the, peel and eat and S&P shrimp, couple of the various dumplings and the crab legs. I dont like any of the desserts but they usually have very good coconut and ginger ice creams.