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Sep 2, 2008 09:23 PM

Ikea cast iron: France versus China

For the long weekend I took a road trip from my home in Winnipeg down to Minneapolis St. Paul and stopped in at an Ikea. Wow, what a very strange and very neat store! While I was there I picked up my first and only piece of enamelled cast iron, a 5 quart blue Senior dutch oven. I did notice however that the older edition, the green series, were on sale and being cleared out - if it had been available, I'd have bought the 5 quart in green. Why? The green ones are labelled on the bottom as being "Made in France" while the blue ones are "Made in China."

Can anyone who's owned both comment on what differences, if any, you've noticed? Quality, construction, function, performance, longevity, whatever. I'm not knocking my Chinese pot, I quite like it in fact, I'm really just curious.

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  1. Fit and finish are usually better on French-made, not to mention enamel coverage and durability. Chinese-made ware seems to be more chip-prone, too. Sears Canada recently cleared their French-made "Lagostina" enameled cast-iron line and replaced it with gawdawful Chinese-made knock-offs. The old "you get what you pay for" maxim still holds.

    1. I'd be color blind for that sale, and snap up the green ones.
      All of my French and Chinese enameled cast irons have been good, and chip free.
      Not infallible: my favorite Staub was left on patio table, and knocked to the ground by a night predator, sustaining a crack. Haven't had the nerve to take it to the distributor.

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        Well I shopped primarily by size. I'd have preferred France over China, but the only 5 qt ones they had in stock were Chinese. I figured 5 qts is more useful than 3, and the 8 qt one was too big, so I happily bought the Chinese one.

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          i have one of the green ones, Made in France. I love it. i think the quality is excellent and rivals my Staub which is an incredible pot.

      2. That's funny - my green 5qt (purchased here in Belgium) was made in China. My older red frying pan was made in France. That being said, I'm very happy with both.

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          Was just at Ikea here in MN and picked up the french green version for $75 after tax. They had 40+ left.