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Sep 2, 2008 09:13 PM

College Boyfriend visiting

20 years later! We are both foodies and love good wine. Looking for fun atmosphere most likely in DC area. Casual, sit at the bar and eat kind of places. Open to "grazing" between several restaurants. Would love suggestions.

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  1. Start at Cork on 14th, EARLY, right after it opens. Have a glass of wine and one of the small plates. Then, walk just a few blocks to Bar Pilar. The food is excellent, mostly small plates. Great cocktails but a limited wine menu. Continue north on 14th...cross U, and go upstairs at Marvin for a post-dinner drink on the rooftop patio.

    1. Dino in Cleveland Park also has a good wine list.

      I can't comment on the food, as I haven't eaten there in a while and wasn't THAT thrilled with it, but personally, I think starting there, then maybe having a meal at Palena and walking around cleveland park would be fun in the nice weather we're having.

      Just throwing that out there

      dcandohio's suggestion of 14th St would be great, too - but very different atmosphere.

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        1. What about Chinatown, start at Oya get some drinks and sushi or small plates and some cocktails, they make a good dark and stormy and others, but avoid the sangria, next on to Zaytinya, get some Ouzo, or cocktails and some pita with hummus and some more small plates, then on to Proof where you can get their bar menu and wine, or get a table and get their full menu, their cheese selection is really good. And if you wanted to keep going add PS7, Poste or Zola to the list.

          1. Veritas for wine tastes and cheese (upper dupont). Then i concur with the Cleveland park suggestion. many options there...rooftop at Ardeo, Lavandou, Palena, Dino, Yanni, Indique...i'm getting hungry...