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Sep 2, 2008 07:04 PM

Ferry Building Changes: Mistral out, Blue Bottle in

If you get Marcia Gagliardi's Tablehopper newsletter, you know already. Mistral is leaving the Ferry Bldg (personal business relationship issues). Blue Bottle Coffee junkies will be clicking their heels over BB getting a permanent space in the FB (the former Oak Hill Farms space). I'm not a BB Coffee fan, but I guess it's better than flowers. Now, if they will only get rid of the damned scented candles

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  1. That's very bad news to me. Mistral has always been my favorite place in the Ferry Building. I hope they find a way to open somewhere else.

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    1. re: Mick Ruthven

      Concur! Mistral was a great stop for me... I could care less about another coffee establishment!

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Well, that sucks. I've been a fan of Mistral's rotisserie for as long as I've been frequenting the Ferry Building, especially their pork rib chops. Guess I'll be having one less reason to make the trek across the bridge now. (Now, if they'd reopen somewhere in the East Bay....)

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        1. re: Spatlese

          There are much better chicken places in the East Bay than Mistral. I was never a fan of theirs. Could never understand the attraction.

          1. re: rworange

            >I was never a fan of theirs. Could never understand the attraction.<

            Lamb stew, ratatouille, polenta, now there's a good Mistral meal!

            1. re: rworange

              They usually have lamb on the rotisserie. That's the attraction for me.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I agree. I've switched between the rotisserie lamb and lamb stew for some time. And I do love their ratatouille so I always get that.

          2. Betty, one of the owners of Mistral, says that the rumors of their demise are premature. They will be continuing their lease on a month to month basis, so they aren't going away yet.

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            1. re: 1589jimr

              If you mean Betty Marcon, she was Marcia Gagliardi's source, and apparently the one who started the "rumors" in the first place.

            2. When this post was originally written, we had been told we had until October 31, 2008 to leave the Ferry Building. We lost our lease and we had a legal judgement which gave us until the 31. Once we paid Equity Office Properties everything we owed them, they came back and dangled the long-term lease in front of our face. Then when we let the press/networking boards know we might be staying, they became "disappointed" and pulled their offer. It was September 15.

              So we were back to the drawing board. In hopes of finding a tenant for the space who would purchase the kitchen from us intact (for a fraction of what the business would be worth with a lease), we got an extension until Dec. 31. We found a great tenant, with great financials who would pay us what we needed, already has a customer base at the Ferry Building...a win-win. But no, Equity Office Properties chose not to take the tenant, prefers to leave the space empty, we had to move out all our equipment, the only thing we had left.

              On December 20th, we closed for good. When we posted a "thank you" note on our door for our customers, the senior building manager came down and tore the sign off, saying that I hadn't cleared it with her first, even though it said nothing about the reason for us leaving. Power tripping and very juvenile.

              Please beware: big private equity firms like Blackstone, who owns Equity Office Properties are not in the business to keep communities thriving. They are in the business of destruction for the sake of profit. The Ferry Building has two empty spots, gapping holes, and mark my words, it will be a long time before anyone opens up again there. BTW, we were doing well there, business would have continued to thrive, but the circumstances surrounding the lease were insurmountable.

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              1. re: bmarcon

                Thanks for telling your story (let's see if it remains here)... I miss you and am sorry you were treated so poorly by the landlord.

                I did speak with the Rolli Roti folks one recent Saturday, and mentioned to them that I thought, selfishly, that they'd be a great tenant for your space. Without any details, it was clear that the landlord was the only roadblock. Such a shame....obviously the team that opened the FB is not the team managing it now.

                1. re: bmarcon

                  Thanks for the update, bmarcon, and for lots of nice meals. I'm sorry that you've been put through this and wish you the best as things go ahead.

                  1. re: bmarcon

                    We love mistral and miss you terribly. our office was regulars at least once a week. Please consider opening up another place nearby in the neighborhood!

                    1. re: tarasophia

                      Yep, I really liked you as well and think you were a vital part of the Ferry Building. Pls do open up elsewhere soon and let us all know.