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Sep 2, 2008 06:52 PM

Beachhead Tavern and Mohegan Brewery, Block Island, RI

Spent this past Sunday on Block Island. After a hard morning of biking and being disappointed that Dead Eye Dick's was closed for lunch (we had really fresh and delicious fresh fish on sturdy ciabatta last time we were there), we were starving and stopped at Beachhead Tavern so we could catch a few innings with lunch. Our first time there - the bar was really stuffy (temperature-wise) and rather dingy. We had calamari to start - rubbery, no hot peppers. No local seafood on the menu, so I ordered the sesame ginger noodle salad. Okay - not much flavor, but rather slick from sesame oil. Anyway, it felt semi-healthy. He had the yellowfin tuna sandwich. Basically a block of tuna with a blob of not-so-flavorful sauce and plopped on bread. Well, at least it was filling. I didn't expect much from the house chardonnay and didn't get it. Beer on tap was fine.

Snack at Mohegan Brewery since we didn't have much time before the ferry. "Crab" guacomole (if we hadn't known there was supposed to be crab mixed in, we never would have guessed it - blended in and didn't lend any crab flavor or even texture). I had the veggie chili, which was bean-filled and on the watery side. At least we could dip the tortilla chips in it.

Disappointing day of chow, but with the perfect weather, great company, and (finally) a dip in the Atlantic at Mohegan Bluffs, we weren't too upset.

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  1. The next time you're on the Block, Eli's (downtown on Chapel St.) is a must.

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    1. re: AbeFroman

      I stayed in the rooms upstairs from there, was a cute room and great location, glad i skipped the restaurant!

    2. Beautiful weather, you're on Block....and you sit indoors at Mohegan Br?? I'll admit the National isn't exactly gourmet but the food is decent and at least you're sitting outside. Ditto for the porch at the Harbourside.

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      1. re: JaneRI

        DC really wanted to try it out for the beer. Which weren't anything to write home about. :(