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Sep 2, 2008 06:30 PM

Roscoe's Chix and Waffles-overdue redux

My little one, in the hopes of meeting Snoop Dogg had been nagging me for a visit to Roscoe’s and Monday, in that Langer’s was closed, I decided to get it over with at the Hollywood location. There were six of us and the wait was about 20 minutes which I presume was standard at just about any joint in town that would be open for a Monday holiday lunch. Everyone ordered some variation of chicken and waffle and some at our table ordered sweet tea, which was indeed really really sweet but it tasted wonderful. I didn’t eat my waffle. It was gummy and undercooked but my chicken thigh was perfectly seasoned, moist but not excessively greasy. I ordered collard greens (simple, satisfying and prepared without pork) corn bread (which my Southern friends would revile for the addition of sugar and sneeringly call Johnny Cake but I liked it fine) yams (simple preparation, very good) and the best macaroni and cheese I’ve had in a restaurant for many moons. The place is super clean, amazingly well run and warm and friendly. We were groaningly uncomfortably full afterwards which I guess is why it’s been over twenty years since I’d dined there, but that’s not really the restaurant’s fault, is it? Anyway, really good chow, and speedy, competent service. Definitely not everyday fare but what a pleasure it was to eat at such a professionally run casual joint.

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  1. But did you meet Snoop Dogg?

    1. Glad to see that mac & cheese alive and well. Haven't been to the Hollywood Roscoe's, but the stuff at the Pasadena location is IMO the best thing on the menu. Stunningly good. Yes, sorry, I do dislike their cornbread, but I'd never call it johnnycake - that is more like an unleavened griddle cake, and never sweet at all.

      1. I went a couple weeks ago to the LA location (on Pico). The H'wood location is nicer than the LA spot (which seems more like a very old, greasy Denny's or IHoP) and I think the food is a touch better there (H'wood) as well.

        But like a lot of my favourite LA restaurants, it's not great, but solid...and holds a special place in my heart of tummies.