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Sep 2, 2008 05:17 PM

Fresh Fresh Seafood- Towson

A few weeks ago the Baltimore Sun reviewed Fresh Fresh Seafood in Towson (yes, it's the name of the restaurant, not a description). We decided to give it a try tonight and loved it.

For starters, it's a husband and wife team. Everything is cooked for you (meaning it's a bit slower than you might be used to) and wife, who waits the tables, could not have been nicer or more accomodating. She started by introducing herself and then asking what our names were. It's amazing how such a small gesture can be so surprisingly pleasant.

As the name suggests, everything was really fresh and quite good. I had the stuffed shrimp and mac and cheese and french fries (which were also fresh). My husband had an assorted seafood platter that he really enjoyed. He also had the collard greens which were "just pulled out of the ground."

I am a fan of good iced tea and this place has it. It was served in the type of pitcher that you might have at home, not the metal canisters seen at most restaurants. I believe this, too, was fresh.

Aside from one take out order, the restaurant had no other patrons while we were there. I can't quite understand why...except that no one knows this place exists.

We will be back!

Here's the review from the Sun:

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  1. This place needs a lot more attention. It's fantastic. Sadly, I almost never make it. Part of it is the location just off the Towson circle -- parking is not particularly easy around there.

    But the food is excellent and the people who run it are just lovely.

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      Where is it? I go to Bally's there and haven't ever seen it.

    2. I have to concur about the fantastic quality of the food and the genuine niceness of the owners. That said, I've been once and may not go again anytime soon due singularly to the amount of time it took.

      It took an hour and a half to get our lunch (at a very non-busy time), and I saw a takeout order take over an hour. I would LOVE to be able to call them for takeout regularly (they are right around the corner from where I live), but that would require me to order 60-90 minutes or more ahead of time and I'm not usually that patient.

      I fully understand that fresh (fresh) food takes a long time to prepare. Maybe next time when I can plan a few hours ahead I'll try again with a takeout order.

      1. This place is the BEST. A mom and pop soul/seafood restaurant. Unusual but great pancake shaped crab cakes.