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Aug 12, 2003 07:53 PM

pat-bing-su - Korean shaved ice

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Can any fellow chowhounders recommend places with good Korean shaved ice (pat-bing-su)? I've only tasted the one they serve in the New Seoul Hotel on Olympic. They serve their pat-bing-su with shaved ice, azkui beans, fresh fruit (kiwis, strawberries and bananas), mochi balls, ice cream, some sort of Ovaltine powder and condensed milk. It's very good, but I’m sure there are some exotic ones out there fellow chowhounders can share.


New Seoul Hotel
2666 W Olympic Blvd # 211
Los Angeles, CA

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  1. Try the K-town Galleria. There's a boba place by the food court that serves bing su.

    1. chapman plaza (6th/normandie) - antique (coffee shop) and the bakery at the corner.

      koreatown plaza basement...nicole coffee shop.


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        For the record, Chapman Plaza is on the northwest corner of 6th and Kenmore. It is not on the corner of 6th and Normandie.

        Also, on the southwest corner of 6th and Kenmore, there is a coffee shop (Monte Carlo) that serve pat bing su, as do most of the similar coffee shops in Koreatown.