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Sep 2, 2008 03:53 PM

Thai near US Open?

Any recommendations, other than Sripraphai, which will be closed on Wed? Names, addresses, and even directions from the open would help. Are the places walkable? Thanks!

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  1. Bonne Saison on Bell Blvd. in Bayside is not exactly walkable, but will show you the way. They specialize in both French and Thai cuisine, and they do both well. They open at 5pm on weekdays, and 3pm on weekends.

    Here's a peak at their menu and exact address:

    1. There is NO REASON AT ALL to trek all the way to Bayside. Just take the 7 to 74th St for Zabb Thai on Roosevelt Avenue (stick to Northern Thai/Isaan dishes) or you can take the 7 back to 74th then catch the locals to Elmhurst Ave or simply walk 5 mins up Broadway to Chao Thai for amazing Thai soups, curries, and a wide variety of great dishes. Zabb is closer and better for salads, but Chao is better for soups and curries. They're open at any time you might arrive.