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Sep 2, 2008 03:26 PM

Florida Keys

I go to Key West every year, but will be spending a week between big Pine and Key West soon and would like some good ideas for lunch, happy hour and dinner. Prefer anything that has outdoor seating.

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  1. You won't find much there. You may be better of driving to Marathon 18 miles north. There you will find the 2 places I go each time:

    Phone: 305-743-5516
    MM 48 3660 Overseas Highway
    Marathon , FL 33050

    The Cracked Conch Cafe - Lunch - GREAT conch salad
    4999 US Highway 1
    Marathon, FL 33050

    1. Mangrove Mama's - outdoor seating
      No Name Pub -outdoor seating
      Square Grouper
      Boondocks - outdoor seating
      Sugarloaf Food Company

      1. I live in Marathon, and agree that there are a number of great outside places here. Locals love Burdines and Castaways (considered by many to be the best restaurant in the area). Also good are Dockside, Keys Fisheries and Frosty's. The Stuffed Pig is a popular breakfast diner. Great Thai food in the building next to Annette's (which someone else already recommended to you). I heartily agree with the recommendation you received for No Name Pub. The Island, Sparky's and Cabana Breezes are also highly recommended.

        Enjoy your visit!

        1. If you are in Key West and you like ribs. HIGHLY reccommend "The Meteor" Best ribs in Florida that I have found. Dont remeber if they have outside seating or not. Havent been there in a few years.

          1. Another Marathon Chowhounder here...In Marathon I can only reccomend Franks Grill (a locals place) and Butterfly Cafe (an upscale tourist place).

            The Meteor, in Key West, used to be great but new owners (in the past year or so) don't quite have the same recipes somehow and really raised prices.

            Boondocks is always more than acceptable as is the Hogfish Bar and Grill on Stock Island.