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Sep 2, 2008 03:13 PM

Redheads Bagels in the Beltline (Calgary)

Today is opening day for the beltline outpost of The Daily Bagel of Calgary Farmers' Market- it's called Redheads Bagel Cafe (I think that's right) and occuples the space that was formerly Stephen Ave Soup Co, on 11th Ave SW across the street from Heaven's Fitness- that's at 6 Street, north side. I stopped in and had a nice sesame with dill-garlic cream cheese and a pop- they were swamped today, probably did more biz the the soup place would do in a week. So there are kinks and growing pains to work out but it's great to have a source for Montreal bagels and that lovely rich, buttery Winnipeg cream cheese on days other than Fri-Sat-Sun. CFM location is open still, too.

There's a raft of sandwich and other non-bagel items on the menu just as at CFM.

Hours are Mon-Sat, I think 6-6 (I know it's until 6 but am not sure what opening hours are- Bagel Guy can help us out here).

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  1. There's a Montreal Bagel place on Elbow Drive on the east side near Heritage - they're St-Viateur style - I haven't been down in awhile (can't eat just one) but word is he sells out by noon.

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    1. re: maplesugar

      Yes, and there's Steve's still (right? on Macleod Tr somewhere now?), so with Kris we have three. Not bad for 2000 miles from Montreal.

      1. re: John Manzo

        i havent been down to au claire in years but there use to be good bagels ,they still there?ive heard that au clair is not really there anymore, any truth to that?

        1. re: howlin

          Bagel place at eau claire has been gone for years now. Market it still there, area will soon be undergoing major- huge, massive- redevelopment but for now it's still standing. Sad, but standing. Only place downtown to see mainstream film.

        2. re: John Manzo

          I can't say I know the owner's name, just the rep - the store had a simple sign that simply said "Montreal Bagels" made on site boiled and baked in a wood fired oven just like they should be. Cash only (like smaller shops in Mtl used to be)...and word from another ex-pat is he still sells out by noon. Its been a few months (and a few pounds) since I've been - I checked and it still lists them at 8408 Elbow Drive... (so I dunno maybe we are talking about the same person??)

          1. re: maplesugar

            Montreal Bagels and Redheads/CFM bagel place are completely separate businesses.

            1. re: John Manzo

              Misread your earlier post sorry... yes I know Redheads/CFM bagel place are completely different from Montreal Bagel. I read "Yes, and there's Steve's still..." and somehow translated it into Steve is somewhere on MacLeod Tr - as if Montreal Bagel owner was Steve and he had moved when really Steve is a whole other person... duh my bad. *blush*

          2. re: John Manzo

            I don't know Steve's, but i do know Wayne's. well... not personally or anything... but Wayne's Bagels is still on macloed tr (4515) since moving out of kensington. They're quite well hidden actually, so you really gotta be looking out for it, because the way the building's shaped it's hidden from view when you're southbound, even though it's on the west side.

            I really like the bagels at Montreal Bagels at heritage and elbow as well, but i'm definitely going to have to try redhead's as it's far more convenient for me being a few blocks from home!

            1. re: marcopolo

              I AM SO STUPID, I meant "Wayne's" to start off this whole diversion!

              1. re: John Manzo

                Ok for those of you that are Montreal bagel fans and who'd rather not wade through the previous posts:

                Redheads Bagel Cafe: 638 11 Avenue SW (brought to you by the folks from The Daily Bagel at CFM)
                Montreal Bagel: 8408 Elbow Drive SW
                Wayne's Bagels: 4515 MacLeod Trail SW


                1. re: maplesugar

                  You forgot Steve's.

                  just kidding :-)

                2. re: John Manzo

                  lol, i figured that's what you meant, but just thought i'd clarify to be sure :)

          3. Redheads Bagel Cafe (638-11th Ave SW) did indeed open the Tuesday after Labour Day. Hours are Mon-Fri, 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM and Sat, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. The reception by local business people and residents has been fantastic! And of course the Calgary Farmers' Market location (The Daily Bagel) will still be there as long as the Market is there.

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            1. re: Bagel Guy

              Wayne's is tucked into the corner at Dunbarton Square. Trio pizza and a vitamin/supplement store are the bigger tennans. It is across from Hooter's/Back Alley. After reading this thread I stopped by Thursday. Very nice people who said business was wayyyyy slower than the Kensington location.

              1. re: bluther2

                Why they left Kensington is just beyond me. Sometimes high rent is very much justified.

            2. I loved Redheads, but it seems to have changed owners. I went in this morning, and the place seemed like a husk of the original ambiance. I got my bagels there this morning, but I think I will order them directly from St-Viateur in Montreal from now on.

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              1. re: Rakoth

                Montreal Bagel on Elbow is as good as St.-Viateur. Try them.

                1. re: Scary Bill

                  +1 for Montreal Bagel...Elbow just south of Heritage IIRC. I think the owner worked at/was trained at St-V's.

                2. re: Rakoth

                  I went to Redheads in the fall and really was dissapointed. I was telling all my coworkers how great they were, so I picked up a dozen. They were horrible and dry. We all had dry crumbs all around the carpet in our work area. I called to complain and ask what was new and they said 'nothing is new, if you're not happy bring them back'. So I did. And have never gone back. I don't know if it was new owners or not. Montreal Bagel kicks butt on this place. But it's a little deep south for me. Give it a try if it's not too far for you.

                  Waynes is ok but not as good as Montreal!

                  Who's ordered from St-Viateur before?? $40 for 6 dozen bagels? Is that right? Sounds good. Are they still fresh??

                  1. re: TSAW

                    I am afraid I haven't ordered yet. The Montreal Bagel place was good enough that I didn't want to put up the money for the shipping. It should be about 55 cents for a bagel, so if you are getting 72 for 40$ its very close to the original price.

                    I will definitely say that Montreal Bagel is my new favorite place in Calgary.

                    1. re: Rakoth

                      I checked into St-Viateur but the shipping was like $55 for overnight. I thought that was pretty outrageous so I gave up. Montreal is my favorite too. I wished they opened earlier though - like 7am!