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Sep 2, 2008 02:57 PM

Special Birthday Celebration-Fine Dining??

I am looking for a special restaurant to take my mom for her 60th birthday.
We are a foodie family, frequent restaurants like Il Posto, Pangea and Truffles on a regular basis.
Looking for something different that will be a true dining experience.
Something in downtown Toronto as we tend to eat a lot in the Yorkville area.
Any recommendations would be appreciated!!!

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  1. My go-to favourite as of this moment - Nota Bene. Cannot recommend anything else as wholeheartedly on good conscience. May not be in the 'special moments' price range, but there are more expensive items (60 day aged steaks, which I have yet to try as I am not a 'beef' person) and don't let the price dissuade you - I have had much more expensive meals, but the experience cannot compare to the ones I have had at Nota Bene. But to each their own!

    Cheers and Happy Eating!