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Sep 2, 2008 02:22 PM

Cuisinart Griddler cooking times that work!

Am very confused about my griddler. I seem to have been using it wrong. I want to grill some chicken breasts tonight (they are thinned out), and was thinking the best way to do it was with the grill plates (the ones with the grooves), and the grill in the open position. That way I can check the chicken, and in case on piece is slightly thicker than another. I've only used it in the closed position for panini's, or one piece of chicken that is thicker (but it seems to make a much bigger mess this way anyway)........use it in the open position as described above for grilling asparagus and onion slices, too.

I also was thinking that maybe the griddle plates (the smooth flat ones), in the open position might be good too, because then it would be like pan frying the chicken???

Okay, anyway, seems as though I was setting the temp wrong, I was using the high setting with it the selector on grill/panini for anything I was doing with grill plates open position or closed position. And the directions on the cuisinart site for grilled chicken say to use the grill plates open position at 400 degrees at 5-6 min a side till 170 degrees inside.

So, should I be using the temp settings and not the far right temp (low to high to sear settings) when using the grill in the open position. Should I just be using the lo-sear settings when the grill is in the closed position??? Are the temp (Numbered settings) dial just for the open position with either the grill plates or griddle plates???

I am so confused........someone please help me!!!! Thank you!

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  1. I would use the directions that came with the appliance.

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      The directions are completely vague, and the recipes included are sparse at best. I checked online on the cuisinart site, and when following the directions for grilled marinated chicken breast this evening, it came out overcooked. The recipe said 400 degree open position, 5-6 min a side. Used pounded chicken cutlets (from whole foods) marinated for 2 hours with lemon, onion, and garlic. Brushed them with olive oil on both sides, and placed on grill (the one with the grooves not the flat griddle ones).............

      Have checked all over the internet and have found very little about specifics on cooking times, and best methods (closed grill, open grill, etc........)

      Maybe someone out there who used theirs all the time would be more knowledgable about this........I just started using mine, as it was laying dormant for awhile, and I'm trying to cook lowfat with it.


    2. I'd suggest ignoring the instructions. I've had a Griddler since 2006 and have cooked with common sense as my only guide. The results have been overwhelmingly good.