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Sep 2, 2008 02:19 PM

Thanksgiving dinner at Chesapeake Bay

We would like suggestions for Thanksgiving dinner in the Chesapeake Bay area. Would like elegant atmosphere, quiet restaurant with good food.


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  1. In St. Michaels, I'd recommend Restaurant 208 Talbot or the restaurant at the Inn at Perry Cabin where the accommodations are even better than the food.

    1. The Chesapeake Bay is over 200 miles long. That's a lot of territory. Perhaps you could you narrow it down a little so we could be more helpful? Eastern Shore, Western Shore? Maryland, Virginia? Historic town? Big city?

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        Any restaurant recommendations near Irvington, VA ? Thanks!

        1. re: cybera97

          Guess the Tides is the best in that area... Don't know of anything really upscale other than that (but bring your blazer and tie, and be prepared to talk boating), but over in D'ville, (over the Rt 3 bridge) Tobys hasn't been too bad over the years... But there's not much to pick from... Remember, you're really rural there.