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Sep 2, 2008 02:10 PM

Alexandria recs?

I will be in the MD/DC area this week and keep hearing that Alexandria Va is a great place to do a day/evening trip....

any suggestions on places to eat? I live in NYC so I don't have a "fix" for anything in particular. Just wanted to see what Alexandria's town is all about.


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  1. not from the area but if you want an upscale place to go to definitely get a reservation at Restaurant Eve... and while you're there don't miss the sweetbreads or the cocktails from Todd Thrasher.

    Also, Eammon's, owned by the same group, is a pub that is supposed to have really good fish and chips

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    1. re: MarcDC

      Yes, you must get Todd Thrasher cocktails. Eammons has great fish and chips and an even better fried candy bars. Also good is Hank's Oyster Bar for more casual seafood, Majestic for Southern/Comfort food, and Farrah Olivia for interesting dishes with African influence from Chef Morou, and of course as mentioned above Restaurant Eve.

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        I stayed in Old Town Alexandria just a few weeks ago. I would recommend the following:

        Southside 815--contemporary with a southern flare
        Trattoria da Franco--Italian

    2. If you are willing to spend some money I highly recommend Restaurant Eve. In my opinion its one of the best restaurants in the area.

      For something more affordable I really enjoy The Majestic.

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        The general recommendations for Alexandria are:

        - Eve ($$$)
        --Farrah Olivia