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Sep 2, 2008 02:07 PM


What does everyone think about Matchbox? I have heard mixed reviews... Brunch is great... it's too crowd...

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  1. I LOVE MATCHBOX!!!! I always recommend it to others on this site when people are asking for a casual, upbeat, inexpensive DELICIOUS restaurant. I always order the mini burgers w/ the crispy onions and the apple gorgonzola salad. If you go..please write back your opinion. ENJOY...

    1. I think there are probably better options in the area. That said, I asked a few weeks ago for a good place to go in shorts after a movie, and chose Matchbox for a casual early dinner. It was quite good. The pizza was stellar. The mini-burgers were good but not spectacular, but the onion straws that come with them were delicious. I'd go back. A nice informal option.

      1. A lot of people think it is too noisy and crowded, and at the front door and bar yes, but I find once you get seated it isn't as big of a deal. They have a nice drink list, I really like the pizza and I love the mini-burgers with Gorgonzola cheese and pickle with the onions on it . I like going for lunch more than dinner because you avoid the crowds. I like it better than Pizza Paradisio, but not more than 2Amy's.

        1. I think its one of the best casual, inexpensive restaurants around. My favorite items are the mini-appetizer platter (w/ mini burgers, crabcakes, and scallops) and the pizzas (the spicy meatball is great).