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Sep 2, 2008 02:05 PM

Concord NH Help

I have searched the board but was not able to find much info on good eats in or around Concord. I have been to the Colby Hill Inn in Henniker and was very pleased with it. I am just curious to see if there are any other recommendations in the area. Thank you.

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  1. lots of great write ups about Concord. I for one, love the Granite Restaurant in the Centennial Inn. Really outstanding. What type of food r u looking for, casual or fine dining? If you like thai, I also love Siam Orchid on Main St.

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      We lived in Concord....and found that it had alot of chain restaurants....however we did love to eat at The BarleyHouse and Common Man Inn. Both had excellent food!

    2. Angelina's for Italian, Hermano's for Mexican, Morimoto for Japanese, Granite in the Centennial Inn for contemporary American, Arnie's for bbq and ice cream, avoid the Chinese restaurant across the street from the CCA--much better is Chen Yang Li in Bow. Also good is the restaurant at the Shaker Village in Canterbury. Capitol Grille makes a good burger. Have not been there, but 55 Degrees has its fans.

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        I'd agree with what whs has said except Arnie's. For everything Arnie's does except ice cream, Beefside on Manchester St. does it better. Then if you do want ice cream, head down to Bull Moose Creamery, far better in my opinion. Plus they have gelato and other candy type deals for a sweet-tooth-fix.

        That's not to say that Arnie's is bad per se, I just find Beefside to be better.

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          I used to live in Concord and forgot about how great Beefside was. I'll have to stop sometime to remind myself.

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            We like the clams and scallops at Beefside as well as the "regular with sauce" roast beef sandwich. Siam Orchid is a favorite. We tend to prefer Thai over Chinese. Also much prefer the Smoke Shack in Boscawen over Arnie's barbecue. Favorite for lunches is In A Pinch Cafe - their soups are fantastic. Also great take-out sandwiches from Bread and Chocolate. They use great ingredients on their own breads. We enjoyed the pizza at Nonni's which is now in the Holiday Inn. Great sangria. Outside of Concord we have liked Daniels in Henniker and Tooky Mills in Hillsboro. Tooky Mills looks kind of tough, you enter thru their bar and their dining room is small but the food is excellent. Great mussels but not sure they are always on the menu. I like the Barley House, too, but haven't been for awhile. I wanted to like 55 degrees but my husband is more of a Dipsy Doodle kind of guy.

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              There are actually 2 In a Pinches now, the original one by the High School, and a newer one on Pillsbury St in an office building. They share a lot of the same menu, the delicious soups and salads. But the new one also has panini on their menu. I'll have to give Nonni's a try, in general for Concord pizza though I'm a Vinny's kind of guy.

              1. re: Whydon

                Ah ha!!!! Your bringing back memories - I favored Vinny's as well. They are still there??

                BTW, we dined in the same private room that Hilary did just days before at the Centennial Inn (Granite Restaurant). Love that place.

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                  Yep, Vinny's are still there. Vinny Sr. is retired, but Vinny Jr. has had the business since the mid-80's I think, not entirely sure. If you go in you still have all the old boxing pictures and politicians who have visited Vinny's. I actually have a younger brother who is currently working as a delivery driver there, works out nice for his employee discount.

      2. I'm all about sending people to Granite Restaurant in Centennial Inn. Very boutique and professional older crowd. Hillary Clinton stayed at Centennial during the NH Primary.
        Try the Lollipop lamb chops. Yumm. Great Service. Quiet.

        1. Here's a Granite Restaurant review that's on

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