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Sep 2, 2008 02:00 PM

Korean BBQ for Birthday Dinner

Hello all,

I would like some advice on choosing a Korean BBQ place for my birthday dinner. I think K-BBQ is a great idea for a fun/festive dinner with friends (plus it's one of my favorite cuisines).

I am aiming for a place that could accommodate a party of about 12 with relative ease. We are going out to a bar in Hollywood after dinner, so any location in/around Koreatown would be ideal.

Great meat and banchan are a must!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'll say what everyone is thinking -- Park's BBQ.

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    1. concur with PARKS. they have a nice upstairs room for a party. can get pricey if you're eating the higher grades of beef.

      another good old school choice is DONG IL JONG, sort of the Lawry's of KOREAN BBQ. reserve a party table in the "tatami" room if you want to sit on the floor (very fun and festive). order the chop chae, tongue, bulgolgi, and roasted gui with the kimchi rice follow-up. took my family there for a party of 15, ordered way too much food and escaped for about $400 including soju and beer.

      1. We're going to Manna's for someone's birthday. Yea, its all you can eat, grill your own stuff and we're a bunch of dudes that play softball so quantity was more of a consideration than the quality. Although we like it still.

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        1. re: Yumyumcha

          skip manna. it's so dirty there. gross.

          1. re: wilafur

            it's gross and feels like a cafeteria and it's not the best quality... but it's always a good time. sometimes i even crave it.

            1. re: esquimeaux

              then hit up soot bul guirim or tahoe. same, if not lower pricing for ayce, better quality and clean.

        2. For "great meat and banchan" you might want to consider O Dae San, which used to be a the upscale sushi restaurant. It might seem absurd; from sushi to Korean bbq.
          It was a pleasant surprise for me though.

          1. If you're going out to a Hollywood bar afterwards you may want to choose a place that brings the food out already prepared. In as much as I love the grill yourself at the table experience, I always end up smelling like grilled meat. There's almost no way around it if you're cooking at the table. Just something to think about.

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              I am very sensitive to taking the grill "home" with me, but some places vent better than others. Some of the newer and more modern Korean BBQ restaurants with individual vents over each table seem to work quite well.