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Sep 2, 2008 01:57 PM

Butchers and Farmer's Markets - Halifax

Hey other CH's, I'm hoping you can lend some assistance. I'm heading back to the east coast for a trip in a 2 weeks and was wondering if someone could recommend a good butcher shop. Also, are there any farmer's markets in the Halifax area that operate on a Sunday?

I truly appreciate any assistance!

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  1. The Market is on Saturday mornings. It opens at 7am at the Keith's Brewery on Lower Water. There are many butchers selling their wares at the market.

    1. Also Petes Fruitique has a good butcher shop. If you are into organic or special needs in general, check out Planet Organic. This the place to order your free-range organic turkey for Thanksgiving NOW!

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        The Frootique looks nice from what they have on their website. I normally vist the St Lawrence Market here in Toronto, but I won't be able to make the market in Halifax as I'll be getting in late on the Saturday. Are there any decent butcher shops downtown? I'm taking food over PEI and I know I'm going to want to bbq a good steak when I arrive.

        1. re: finelydiced

          Pete's is probably your best bet with your time restrictions and they do have a good selection. A co-worker of mine recently told me about Choice Cuts Meats and Deli - I haven't been myself but he was pitching it as an actual butcher (in a city that mostly relies on grocery store meat departments) and one who was trying to source local meat as well.

          It's not downtown and I don't know their hours - but you might want to phone or something if you're curious.

          Choice Cuts Meats and Deli
          30 Farnham Gate Road
          Halifax, NS B3M 3W8
          (902) 443-1336

          1. re: parleek

            Yes, I think that Pete's is your best bet...I do think that the presence of the market meat counters plus the ease of the "butcher" service from the big Sobey's has pretty much eliminated the local butcher.

            1. re: LJS

              There HAS to be a butcher on the peninsula. Help!

              1. re: gsjameson

                Nope, Pete's is it! Or the market on Saturdays or Sobey's/Atlantic Superstore.

              2. re: LJS

                Pete's has a great butcher....Both downtown, and Bedford....

        2. check out Clem's for the apples too....if they're out then? mmm honeycrisps......

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