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Sep 2, 2008 01:52 PM

Happy hour in Richmond?

I've been trying to find a source for happy hour drink/food specials in Richmond, only to realize that apparently it's against the law to advertise them (are they afraid that i'll have some food with my beer?). I saw someone attempt to start a similar thread last year without success, but at least I'll try to update this as I come across more specials (I know sticky rice and 3monkeys have something, but can't remember at the moment what they are...)

anyway, if anyone knows of anything worth mentioning, please post...

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  1. Indeed, it is a good idea to subvert the ABC laws and discuss Happy Hours among ourselves. There are many specials out there but I have trouble remembering them. Last time I checked, Can Can had half price beer on Sundays but I heard that the hours have been limited. They also offered some half price burgers, shrimp, and oysters. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday. Capital Ale House has specials on Sunday too. I see these specials periodically and would like to develop a list that assists the consumer and the restaurant. I am interested in any postings too.

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      I know there are drink specials and free food at Carena's Jamaican Grill. I can't remember what the drink specials are.

      Richbrau has different things on special different nights as does Starlite. I think more food-related and like $1 off high balls.

      Patina has half off martinis on Sundays I think.

      My friends and I always hit Extra Billy's after work. $1.50 Bud, Bud Light, Amberboch and free appetizers. Not the fanciest joint, but the price does the trick.

      Easy Street also has different specials on different days, but I don't know specifics.

      That's all I got...

    2. Home Team Grill:
      mon-fri 4-7pm: $2 beer
      tuesdays: 1/2 price burgers
      $2.75 sam adams during red sox games.