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Sep 2, 2008 01:52 PM

Boneyard Bistro Suggestions

I'm going there for the first time this Saturday nightl. Any recommendations on don't miss menu items? Appetizers? Entree's? Desserts? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Bring LOTS of money for a beer, bbq and burger place.

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      1. re: nosh

        Yep, not a big fan. See related thread below:

        But, I'd love to hear your thoughts after your visit on Saturday night so please report back!


        1. re: Suebee

          Thanks SueBee for the thread. Now I'm a little nervous that I offered to "treat" to try this place I read about on Chowhound. Perhaps I should bring a cosignor. I will certainly report back on my findings... Anyways...should be a nice change from Hoggly Woggly's my other default bbq establishment.

          1. re: Suebee

            Hi Suebee and other Chow hounds. First....thank you for the advice. I just got back and thought I would report my findings...

            First impression...oh, this is smaller than I expected. Our waiter "Mike" was very friendly, knowledgeable, and handsome. He flirted just the right amount for a table full of 40 year old women. We had a diverse group from a wine who could only choke down pinot grigio...but prefers her wine from a, who likes to try a little of this and that, and my other friend who is married to the winemaker at Woodenville Wineries and travels the world judging wines...and Mike recommended a Viognier (sorry if I misspelled it) that wasn't on the menu. He nailed it. All three were satisfied...

            We ordered two appetizers...the pulled pork dumplings and the nachos with brie. The pulled pork dumplings were the stand out. They were delicious and were served with an incredible cole slaw. And this is from a Chowhound who doesn't like cole slaw. They were insane. The brie nachos were very good...but some of the flavors didn't seem to mix well on my palate. They were good, but paled in comparison to those pulled pork dumplings. Next...the entrees. I got the brisket with fried mac and beans. My sister got the patty melt that came with 3 dipping sauces and the most delicious shoestring fries. My friend got the shrimp with a potatoe, cilantro, salady thingy. Let's start there. The shrimp was perfectly good. It was tastey...but again paled in comparison to the other two dishes. My brisket was melt in your mouth good. It was exceptional. The fried mac and beans were delicious too...but who had room for those? My sister's patty melt was the "gold standard" of patty melts. Juicy, beefy, toasty. You name it. It was wonderful. Now here comes the most unexpected part of the evening...the bill. I had been warned about the high prices. I knew to clear room on my credit card. But when all was said and done...the bill for a $40 bottle of wine, two appetizers and three entrees was $120 before tip. The tip would have been reasonable if the service hadn't been so good and Mike not been so handsome. But I was really surprised. To sum up my experience...I loved Boneyard Bistro, as did my friends. I look forward to my next visit. Thanks again for all the wisdom I find here at Chowhound. Oh yeah...icing on the cake...the Buckeyes won today.

            1. re: LA Buckeye Fan

              Awesome! Glad to read you had such a great time.

              Mike is a great server, very cool and low-key. Like you, I LOVE the pulled-pork dumplings and the brisket. I've never had the patty melt, but since it's literally just around the corner from me, maybe I'll hit up Boneyard again this week.

              Anyway, glad you had a great meal! Chow on!

              1. re: LA Buckeye Fan

                Thanks for reporting back! Looks like I'll have to return and try those Pulled Pork Dumplings and........well more craft brews for sure!

                1. re: sel

                  sel - Suggestion: They do beer flights on Thursday nights, and that way you can try several, and of course taste those heavenly dumplings. Every Thursday the flight changes, and only Aaron knows what it will be, and probably not the afternoon of the tasting.
                  Start with the dumplings and go on to a patty melt, all washed down with the beers!

                  1. re: carter

                    Sounds like a great suggestion, maybe this week. I haven't had a Patty Melt in years. It would be interesting to see what Aaron's take on it is.
                    As far as the Beer Flights goes, in only the last 5 or 6 months I've been tasting a lot of Craft Beers at breweries, gastropubs and notable beer bars from Santa Rosa to San Diego. Much of what I've tasted has been good but there has been a small percentage of what I've tried that has been, at least to my taste - mind blowing!

                2. re: LA Buckeye Fan

                  Glad you enjoyed it. I've always really wanted to like Boneyard as they're a family-run business, a comfy setting, and lord knows I love my BBQ, but unfortunately I'm just never quite happy for any number of reasons. But I'm glad you had a good experience (and got a sweet, handsome, and flirtatious server)! Thanks for reporting back.


                  1. re: LA Buckeye Fan

                    Can you elaborate on the patty melt?

                    Price? Ingredients? The dipping sauces? Yay or nay on the greasy?

                    1. re: ReelMike84

                      The patty was juicy not greasy. The dipping sauces were a spicy aioli..a honey mustardy one, and a pesto I think. (Sorry not 100% sure, wasn't my entree) I can't remember the can checkout their menu at

                      1. re: LA Buckeye Fan

                        I concur on the patty melt. It is truly the gold standard of gourmet patty melts. Wagyu beef with caramelized onions grilled to perfection with cheese and juiceiness oozing everywhere... but not too greasy as to overwhelm the senses and make it inedible. It is fantastic!! The price is $22 the last I checked but I may be slightly off.

                          1. re: Dogbite Williams

                            That's $22 and when I try it try it this Thursday I'm hoping for a really special Patty Melt!!!

                            1. re: sel

                              We were there on Monday for the beer and fried chicken night. DH ordered the "burger of the day" for $20 and it was stupendous!
                              Kobe beef with marinated onions, a large slice of an extraordinary tomato, a cheese (feta?) lettuce etc. on a great bun. I cannot tell you how yummy it was. The flavor of the meat was terrific!
                              The fried chicken was very good, but next time, it's the burger for me.
                              The kitchen was a little slow but Michael our waiter was excellent. All in all a very good experience.
                              One note- we chose to eat outside as the inside area was so loud and made worse by the big screen tv showing Monday night football...

                            2. re: mrshankly

                              Ouch. I love a good patty melt, but $22?... Are the onions farmed by blind monks in the Himalayas?

                              What about the cheese and bread? Rye and American?

                              1. re: ReelMike84

                                HEre's the menu description:

                                “Southwest Patty Melt”
                                * Grilled Rye Bread * Gruyere & Cheddar Cheeses * Sautéed Onions,
                                Anaheim Chilies, & Bacon * Trio of Dipping Sauces (Avocado-Cilantro Ranch *1000 Island * Chipotle Aioli) 20

                                I think he uses some costlier ingredients than, say Pann's diner. I believe it's wagyu beef, but don't quote me on that.

                                1. re: Diana

                                  Interesting inclusion of the chilies. So this would be a spicier take on a patty melt.

                                  I'll consider the patty melt if I finally make it to the Boneyard considering I've never encountered a gourmet interpretation. I'm more used to the grilled onions, american, rye variety at coffee shops.

                                  1. re: Diana

                                    yes, it is Wagyu beef. Expensive at $22 but it's not your average patty melt. For patty melt fans and foodies, it's definitely worth getting at least once.

                                    1. re: mrshankly

                                      Once and for all folks, the patty melt is $20, not $22, and it is the best selling entree, so some people think it is so good they are coming back for it, meaning just not a one-time try. It is one of the least expensive entrees on the bistro side of the menu.
                                      Now all I have to do is try it!

                      2. re: nosh

                        The Boneyard is actually a high quality restaurant, that happens to sell top quality beer, bbq, and burgers, among many other items, including the bistro menu. To dismiss the place with such carelessness misses the point of the place, and you deserve Swingin' Door, or Mr. Cecil's, etal
                        Good recommendations include the burgers, made with Wagyu beef and all kinds and combinations of additions, the short ribs, any salmon dish, the onion rings as a starter or dinner side dish if not a part of one of your orders, the sweet potato fries, any steak(bone-in ribeye especially), the Ancho Grilled Shrimp, the Catfish which may be as popular as any entree on the menu, or maybe a burrito with pulled pork, or brisket, etc.
                        Desserts are decadent - if you like a banana split, do have it. Been on the menu seemingly forever, and it has not been able to go on hiatus!
                        Great beer & wine selection. If you wanted to save a few bucks, bring a good bottle of wine, pay the $16 corkage, and have a great meal.
                        But their ribs are truly very tender, especially the babybacks and you can get out for around $20 per person by sticking with a ribs order, which comes with choice of two sides, and I always like the cole slaw, the beans or the collard greens yet others like the fried mac n cheese, which is not my thing.
                        Go on Monday nights for fried chicken night - realllllly good fried chicken, again not the cheapest, but you would not come here to meet the colonel, would you?
               for further details.

                        1. re: carter

                          I agree with carter on this one.

                          People really shouldn't expect your typical BBQ shack, or hole-in-the-wall, when going to Boneyard. And in many respects, Boneyard isn't really a BBQ joint -- it's more of a mid to high-end restaurant that just happens to have a selection of BBQ items on its menu.

                          With that in mind, the prices at Boneyard are not out of line. Now, whether you like the food is a different issue and opnions can, and will, differ.

                      3. It's been a while since I visited, but I remember that the salmon was a standout dish (which unfortunately I no longer see on the menu).

                        Generally, I find the bistro side of the menu better than the BBQ side.

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                        1. re: ipsedixit

                          agreed. best stuff I've had here is the short ribs, surprisingly good, and the pork chop, particularly good.

                        2. Huge fan here. Best beer menu in town. IMHO, a damn fine burger-my favorite in town and great service. My favorite burger so far is the Stinkey, but I have one or two more to try. The inside out nachos, or Hummus plate are two top apps for me. I love the bistro menu, especially the burritos made with bbq stuff. My husband had a fabulous duck salad there.

                          I have seen people swoon over the chicken, if you go in a group and have enough $$, get one of the bbq platters, if you so wish-it has tons of food. tasty wedge salad, Fabulous brisket! My BIL loves the Shepard's pie.

                          Chef Aaron always likes to play, so there are always great specials, worth a try. Get a plate of the sweet potato fries and maybe the onion rings. People love the deep fried mac n cheese, but I never have room!

                          For dessert, anything rich and chocolaty there is always a treat.

                          let the waiter or Aaron steer you to a good beer to match your meal

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                          1. re: Diana

                            Thank you all for your advice. To summerize...I will try the bistro side of the menu...really think about if I want a $22 bottle of beer. Order my burger a bit under my tastes...and rethink the next time I offer to "treat" at a restuarant I haven't been to before. All and all...good friends, a new experience, I am optimistic.

                            1. re: LA Buckeye Fan

                              The $22 bottles are 750 ml or roughly 22 oz. The price equivalent of what you pay for a cup of Miller Lite foam at Dodger Stadium.
                              A 750 ml bottle of St. Bernardus 12 at Bevmo is probably in the $10 range so $22 in a restaurant isn't extreme.

                          2. I love the fried Mac N' Cheese and the Collard Greens are sweet and savory. My favorite beer on the menu is the Unibroue from Canada.

                            1. I, too, am a big fan of this place. I feel so fortunate to have an excellent BBQ restaurant minutes from my home. For an appetizer, I always get the Pulled Pork Dumplings. I then move on to one of the Burgers (love the Californian), or the 3-way combo (pulled pork, brisket, tri-tip), or the Baby Backs (which I think have gotten even better). Has anyone tried the St. Louis's or the Beef Ribs? Also, has anyone tried the BBQ Burrito? For sides, I love the beans and the coleslaw. And keep the beer coming - incredible selection.

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                              1. re: omakase

                                Probably my overall favorite restaurant. Great food and Alesmith Speedway Stout on tap; that's a combo that puts me in my happy place.

                                1. re: omakase

                                  ooh, the pulled pork dumplings!

                                  1. re: omakase

                                    I, too, will 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) Boneyard. They have a fantastic beer selection, and almost every night see a to have a cool special (eg Fried Chicken Monday, Beer Flight Thursday, etc).

                                    I definitely would agree on the Pulled-Pork Dumplings. They are really delicious.

                                    Last time I was there I tried the combo plate of ribs, with St Louis, Beef, and Baby Back. The Mrs. and I both thoroughly enjoyed the Baby Back, and quite liked the St Louis, but we weren't big fans of the Beef.

                                    We loved the onion rings, the beans were good (although we like them more with bourbon and less the garlic/brisket that Aaron does), but the Mac & Cheese we probably wouldn't do again ... but then, we are SUPER picky about our Mac & Cheese.

                                    Anyway, I would definitely recommend it, and hopefully you had a great meal!