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Sep 2, 2008 01:40 PM

Looking for something new in Park Slope/P. Heights

I've lived in the area for a few years now and dined at my fair share of restaurants and bars. Some of my favorite spots include Applewood, Al Di La, Rose Water, Flatbush Farm (on some nights), Beast, Garden Cafe, Amorina, Song, Chiles and Chocolate, Geido and La Taqueria for a variety of reasons. Lately I've been going to the same spots and could use a few new locations to throw into the mix. I'm a huge foodie, food is my life for the most part, and love all types of food.

Any new or under the radar spots you think I may have missed? Mind you, I've eaten at many more than what I've just listed above. I live near Flatbush so likely won't trek down below 9th street on a random night (plus I also used to live down there as well)

Thanks for the help!

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  1. I would recommend trying some other places:

    1) Gen sushi on Washington Avenue. It's always filled with a mix of neighborhood residents and Japanese hipsters.
    2) Noona on Vanderbilt Avenue has a nice mix of Korean appetizers and good drinks.
    3) Chavella's excellent, authentic Mexican with very fresh ingredients. Blows La Tacqueria away. It's on Classon between Park and Prospect Place.
    4) Cafe Tapeo on 5th Avenue in Park Slope...excellent tapas and good selection of beer and wine by the glass.
    5) Tempo on 5th Avenue is also great. They have great fish and the service is outstanding.

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    1. re: DeeDee

      thanks for the suggetions. I've been to many of the places above, although I've yet to visit Cafe Tapeo and Tempo. I have not heard great things about Cafe Tapeo; comments about poor misguided tapas have kept me away. Though if this is not the case I would check it out. Tempo has been on my list for awhile, but if I am going to spend that kind of money I would rather go to Al Di La or Rose Water, maybe someday.


      1. re: ginsbera

        Ginsbera, I warmly recommend Tempo.
        After a little break (we just ate there all the time, so we needed a break), we have re-visited Tempo several times and have been amazed. It has been better than in a long time. Newly energized. And nothing around beats their wine list.

        As for the Al Di La or Rose Water: -every time we pass one of them on our way to Tempo, I feel absolutely no temptation to re-visit either one of them. I know that after I post this, all the fans of especially Al Di La will come out and vehemently defend the place, -but I (we) just do not like the place. I am not crazy about the food, not the cramped room or the uncomfortable chairs.

        1. re: FoodWine

          I hear ya. Once you find a place you love its hard to go away from it.I'll get to Tempo one day. As for Al Di La, I actually prefer dining in the wine bar, more intimate, peaceful, etc. I am blown away everytime by the food I get though, specifically all the pastas. I also find it rather affordable if you don't buy too many drinks or a pricey bottle of wine.

          1. re: ginsbera

            I have thought a couple of times that we should check out the wine bar.
            Thanks for reminding me

        2. re: ginsbera

          For what it's worth, there is a sign outside of Cafe Tapeo this week indicating that they have a new chef and the menu appears to be more of a normal tapas menu (less of what they used to call "world tapas"). Anyone checked it out?

      2. It's not exactly under the radar, but Alchemy on 5th Ave near Bergen is good. If you love Dominican food and not atmosphere, El Castillo de Jagua on Flatbush and Park. And have you tried the new Ethiopian place (Ghenet) on 4th and I think Douglass? the tuna kitfo is great. If you want to go further afield, Aji on 9th below 5th is surprisingly good and has a cute roof. There is also a super-friendly wine bar/Italian place with good food on 3rd Ave & 9th. And, although I haven't tried it, the new place James on Carlton is getting raves.

        And DeeDee, thanks for the Chavella's rec, I will try it immediately!

        1. i'd also recommend palo santo, on union st. between 3rd and 4th.
          especially their tasting menu.

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          1. re: Get In My Belly

            I've been meaning to get over to Palo Santo and try the tasting menu. Same goes for the Ethiopian place.

            I guess it is hard to find under the radar place in the neighborhood!

            1. re: ginsbera

              what about James? i have yet to go but i hear "fabulous" things about their food.

              1. re: oystersallday

                I live on the same street, it is always packed and have heard okay to great things. I'll get there someday, it is just weird walking across the street to go out for dinner I guess so I have been putting it off.

                1. re: oystersallday

                  Just at at James last night, the food was quite good although my fried skate was a bit dry. I wouldn't say fabulous, but certainly above average. The atmosphere and service was very nice. Prices were reasonable.

                  1. re: oystersallday

                    James is just okay, in my book. but the bar is comfortable for a drink. I want the place to be better than it is and will probably give it another try in a month or two.

                    1. re: MB fka MB

                      can you describe it a little bit more - what the food is like, why it left you unsatisfied?